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Just been so busy lately.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

But then, haven't we all? Time stands still for no one.

In my corner of the world, my life seems to be careening off at a mad tangent, despite the disc brakes I keep attempting to apply. I understand slow down, its my 79 year old mother who doesn't. emoticon

Some stuff, obviously (I sound like my younger son, who adds the word "obviously" to everything lol) .... some stuff obviously has to get done and there is no stopping even if you want to. One of those things has been to erect a new fence between my home and my moms bedsitter which is attached to my home. It's an unnecessary expense which became necessary in an attempt to stop my mom complaining about everything related to dogs. She fitted the bill, so I shouldnt complain I suppose. Hopefully with the fence up now, SOME peace will be resolved. I know it wont be permanent, my mom isnt a very peaceable person...neither was her mother before her. (I'm breaking that mold...and I'm determined not to be the same way when I reach her age. I know I wont be, simply because, I have been nothing like her through the different ages we have shared to date.)
Mostly I have been busy with just driving my mother around since her op. She is a typical "galloping granny" but with her knee bandaged, she has been unable to gallop...but her whipping hand has been very active. LOL
This wasn't intended as a mother bashing blog....rather a busy period of my life blog and some thankful down time.
The new fence is looking fabulous, and we are just waiting for the fence guy to finish doing the gate and then all should be okay. I hope it gets finished soon though, because she sadly allowed the fence guy to charm her into paying him fully...up front. So, I might have a fight on my hands to get the job completed. He came last week Monday, promised to come and finish the gate on Tuesday (public holiday) after the fence had stood overnight - for tension purposes. It is now Saturday and he still has not returned. He is generally a decent chap, so maybe he just needs a reminder.

After telling the fence guy plus my bil at least 10 times where the water pipes are....they still managed to forget and hit the pipe! So annoyed, but still they fixed it without too big an issue.

I've been redoing my garden too. After cutting my finger nails off, I started the garden project. I always have great nails, full of nail color all winter long, then come spring, its off with the nails till winter again. Some of the gardening included taking out all the old growth, cutting back and replanting some younger trees, flowering shrubs and plants. Been fun, but hard work too. I was just saying to my friend today that in my younger days (30's) I could garden from sunup till sunset. Now in my 50's I can manage a few hours and then Im exhausted, my bad knee aches, my back gets tired....crazy hey.

Lots of refuse which still has to be ridden away because the municipality won't collect anything that is not bagged. Still, that will be another outing.

My new section between the lounge door and the kitchen door. I've also planted a jasmine which will grow into a tree next to the lounge door and by summer, the smell will be too die for. I can already see myself, sitting at my garden table sniffing the air filled with the smell of jasmine as the evening comes in.

I have no idea what plant this is, I paid next to nothing for it at the botanical gardens sale and cant wait to see what it will do. I just loved the splash of red it brings to my new garden.

I also have several pride of Madeira which should look like the one in the front garden where the dogs cannot reach.

The other two, look like this because my dogs EAT THEM. I know, weird, isnt it? I have never had dogs that literally graze on my pride of Madeira...but all three these Great Danes do just that. I have no idea why, as they are on premium food, bones, bone meal. Your guess is as good as mine??

The look good, considering their "green" diet lol
Jewel (my rescue great dane) has been with us for what feels like just over 6 months and looking and doing so well. She has overcome many many fears and turning into such an incredible animal. Not only is she a superb watch dog, but she is devoted to me and very lovable.

It's hard to believe how thin and sad she looked a few months ago.

This is my first PRIDE AND JOY. My grandson who is 3 now. I rarely get photo's that I can use. But this was sent to me today and it is finally not a blurred picture.
I have other photo's but cannot use them till my cell phone comes back from the repair shop.

On the dietary side of life, I'm doing well. I have lost 20kgs so far and working on the next 20 now. Today I got my best compliment at the old ladies tea party I was asked to attend....they are used to seeing my at our Christian meetings, but today in slacks and a matching top with my hair loose (usually up in a pony because of the heat).....several did not recognize me from behind. LOL aint that a grand feeling?!
I may have sadly put on a kilogram after eating so much of the junk food. Oh my word. I know ALL about GETTING AWAY FROM THE TABLE...but did not listen to myself today. I ate and ate and ate.....now I'm suffering. I have heart burn, I am over full, I am tired from a sugar rush.

Guess, I will just have to drink as much water as possible to dilute some of the rubbish out of my system and move on.

Here's hoping you have had a good weekend also.
Tomorrow hubby and I are going up the mountains for a walk with our dogs. I will definitely take my camera along. For some unknown reason, I've been forgetting to take my camera everywhere with me as I used to. I must get back into my old routine, I enjoyed my quieter, peaceful life then. Mother started driving herself around today, so here's hoping I can stop playing chauffeur and start getting some of my own stuff done at my more leisurely pace I enjoy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    oh my your gs Axel is so grown up
    has 3 years past already

    love your blogs
    your pictures and your humor

    1862 days ago
  • JAROL7
    When you are ready to come full circle to where you started with table tennis, you can find a club close to you at this site: Enjoy your full life.
    1943 days ago
    Axel is SO adorable.

    Jewel is really living up to her name. She is so beautiful.

    Be careful with the dirt. If you have cuts on your hands, even ones you can't see, if there is any bacteria you could get sick. Also, if there are any spiders that come out while you are gardening, you could get bitten.

    I used to cut our bougainvillea with flip flops on. They have very long thorns on them and they go right through my flip flops. Now I where thick tennis shoes. Also, when I am filling the trash bag, if I get cut by the thorns, I get swollen around it. Please be careful!!
    1960 days ago
    Moms! I laughed at your galloping granny whipping you guys into a flat out run. Just enjoy her and the ride, Teamie!
    Glad you got everything sorted out.
    Your Jewel looks like a showdog!
    Good job!
    1964 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Great photos! You are such a gardener, I am very impressed. Dogs are so unpredictable and it is funny that all your Great Danes eat that same plant. I feel so lucky that I am a lot like my mother. My dad was not someone whose tendencies anyone would want to inherit. My poor brother did and life has been very hard for him. Mom's worst quality was her isolation and I often find myself going in that direction too.
    1964 days ago

    (good fences make good neighbors:)
    1965 days ago
    Oh, you know, we all have family that likes to just gripe. They really don't mean to be that way...they just are.

    The yard looks awesome and I think the dogs will appreciate the fenced in area just as much as mom. And I love the flowers in your yard!

    Cute young man!

    1965 days ago
    I always enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your photos. Hope things will calm for you. Fantastic about folks not recognizing you.

    And then Axel...He could so be Andrew's younger brother..they are a year apart.

    Loving you from a long way off...but we are sisters of the heart! emoticon
    1965 days ago
    Axle sure is growing! Such a handsome boy. The red plant here is Sweet William. Comes in different colors and smells like cinnamon.
    1966 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Beautiful garden you have.
    Nice fence guys, too.
    But your PRIDE & Joy, Axel. He's grown and so handsome. I think he resembles his grandmother and his father.
    1966 days ago
    Hello Celest....

    We do learn a lot from our Mom's don't we? With me now being the oldest alive in our family, I look back and see how I am like my Mom, and also what I learned from her NOT to be like. Wisdom surely does take time to acquire. emoticon She was a great Mom...I loved her dearly.

    Your 'Jewel' looks absolutely fabulous. I am so grateful that you adopted this dear soul and have given her a happy and healthy life. She probably tells you every day with kisses and love.

    And your grandson...well, what can I say that you already don't know in your heart.
    That picture, that smile, so darned cute!

    Our seasons are reversed, so as I see you happily preparing your garden, cutting your nails as do I when it's time for me to play in the dirt again. But, now, our weather is down to about 6*C and is only at 11*C now. Most of my garden is ready for winter, we just put out the bird feeder today. A bunch of little birds live in our big hedge during the winter, and so I have a resident 'family' to feed every winter. Just love it.

    I'm going to plant some garlic in early Nov. and then that's it until next March when I cut my nails again, put on my rubber boots, and go out and play again in the dirt.
    I definitely am made for this earth...don't mind it under my fingernails, don't mind sweating, messy hair, dirty clothes...just let me be in my garden and I am in my element.

    1966 days ago
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