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Truth in Tracking

Saturday, September 28, 2013

emoticon emoticon emoticon I've been back to tracking my food on SP this month and have been doing well about 80% of the time. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, I do well at the beginning of the week because I plan and prep meals on the weekend. Pretty simple strategy that just involves making a big batch of something, portioning it out, and eating the "leftovers" for packed lunches and/or dinner. emoticon

Towards the end of the week, though, around Thursday when my stash of little boxes starts to run out, I tend to get off track. Solution? Increase that stash of little boxes! As I get back in the big batch habit, this will happen, but I'm also thinking of investing part of my tax refund in a small freezer, something I've been thinking of getting for a long time. My tiny fridge's tiny freezer doesn't hold much! I think it would also be a money-saver in the long run because not only can I freeze casseroles and portions of soup, I can stock up on things when they're on sale.
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Along with just plain ol' tracking, I've also started measuring again. emoticon With some of my go-to meals, I had gotten in the habit of just eye-balling the ingredients. My burritos (the meal, not the little donkey, Deeva!) were getting bigger and bigger: just a leeetle more avocado, what was supposed to be 20 grams of cheese was probably more like 30 or 40, you get the idea.
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That was OK back when I reached goal and actually needed to increase calories a bit for maintenance. But that was a couple of years ago, hello!?
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On the BLC this weekend, we've been challenged to track every BLT - Bite, Lick and Taste - of the food we eat, so this is good encouragement to me to be honest with myself and with my best buddies, the Spark trackers.
Good weekend, all!
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    Tracking is a great way to know what you are and are not eating. Keep up the good work and may your 80% become 90! emoticon emoticon
    1659 days ago
    Tracking...always my weakest link...argh! Kudos to your efforts! Love big batch cooking...get's me through the week. My two favs for big batches are soups and hummus.

    1660 days ago
    This sounds like an emoticon plan! I commend you for going back to measuring. I, too, suffer from portion creep but hey, it's a preventable condition! Sounds like you have that one licked. (Not that kind of lick!) emoticon

    Freezer is a BRILLIANT idea! You'll be able to benefit from cost savings on the large-sized frozen freggies and sales on other items like the gorgeous sockeye salmon fillets that come in sometimes at Trader Joe's only when TJ's buyers can get a really good deal. Your health is worth a freezer. emoticon

    emoticon blog!

    1661 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing great!
    1661 days ago
    Tracking everything can get tiresome, and getting lazy is sooooo easy. The problem is that we don't get lazy with carrots or lettuce or cucumbers on the salad, we get lazy with the dressing. Not the cups of air popped popcorn, the oil on top of it.

    I'm at the point now in my tracking that when I can, I weigh EVERYTHING in grams. It's the only way that I know I'm being consistent.

    But that gets EXHAUSTING. To save myself from crazy, there are now things that I am willing to flub on. Essentially-- ANY fresh veg is a natural flub-- (not fruit-- no avocados). I can eyeball 6 cups of lettuce and 1/4 cup of chopped onion-- because the calorie difference in those things is less that 15 calories total. Mushrooms-- 1/2 cup to 1 cup is less than 7 calories difference. Finding those things that I can cook with and eat by dumping them in is very liberating-- I still measure out the dressing, but the other things-- that's fine.

    1661 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Sounds like you are on the right track with your plan. Good luck!
    1661 days ago
    I think getting a small freezer is a great idea! I really want one but we can't have one in our apartment, so it will have to wait until we can get a house. I have a friend who has one though and it wasn't terribly expensive but it lets her not only batch cook things like soups and stews, but she does the same thing with things like stock and sauces, which makes for *really* easy meals. She also blanches (which if I recall correctly is when you dip a veggie into really hot water and quickly dip it into cold water--don't take my word for it though) vegetables like kale and then dries them off and freezes them flat in cookie sheets--and then, once frozen, transfers them to bags. She also does this with some herbs. It means that she can have a wide variety of vegetables on hand to throw into soups, stews, sauces, etc. It also lets her take advantage of sales--so if a staple like chicken breasts goes on sale, she can buy a bunch and thaw it as she needs it.

    1662 days ago

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    Sounds like a brilliant plan!
    1663 days ago
    Very good point! I have a little freezer that fits under the counter, but does an amazing job. Even a small house or apartment can have a freezer.
    1663 days ago
    1663 days ago
    Sounds like you've got a good handle on the challenge and I like your idea of increasing your batch cooking. The little freezer might be a good investment for you.

    I too find that weighing my foods and actually measuring things out is important. If I'm extra hungry my "eye-balling" tends to be on the higher end. So this is something we both need to work on;)

    I love the enthusiasm you've got going - emoticon
    1663 days ago
    Great strategy!
    1663 days ago
    I have always tried to be honest in my tracking because it doesn't matter if I "fool" the other sparkers out there...what matters is you can't "fool" yourself...you might eat it and not track it but it's going to take it's toil, if not on your tracker on your waist and your health.

    I have just started this journey again. Tried to start last week and my flipping internet got messed up and had to wait a week for them to come straighten it out. Then yesterday, I tracked everything and ended up going out to dinner with a friend and eating and drinking badly so when I got home I was too tired to track dinner and figured I had blown it anyway. Not my usual style to not take accountability regardless. So today is a new day. Going to track my food and get my exercise in too.

    Wish I had room for a freezer. I live in a nice condo, but no extra/spare room for a freezer. Washer dryer is simply a closet type thing and I don't have a garage. So 10 year plan down the road is to get a nice house with a garage that has room for a freezer. Just got divorced recently and I miss the extra storage for big stuff and the garage.

    We are in this thing together. Have a great weekend.
    1663 days ago
    emoticon on tracking every BLT!! Me too! emoticon ...and I DO love my deep freezer.

    emoticon Go for it, Michelle! emoticon emoticon
    1663 days ago
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