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Biggest NSV Ever At Hollywood Horror Nights!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

For starters I love love love Halloween and horror movies... always have. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I had always talked about going to one of those Hollywood Horror Night events at Universal Studios, and I did actually go last year for the first time ever! I was around 220ish, and I got through everything alright, a little tired and very sore when I got home, but I did it!

This year though I was an additional 30 pounds down from last year (80 total), and I had a blast. According to my fitbit we walked just over 6 miles and I feel great. Not only that but I was amazed at how fast I could actually walk. I even left my uncle in the dust a couple of times and had to slow down. I am home now, and other than my knee that has been bothering me a little for a week (arthritis flare up), I feel great! I might be sore tomorrow, time will tell. emoticon

On top of that, I said a phrase like 10 times that night that I would NEVER say last year. "Take my picture in front of ____". Any time I saw a photo opportunity I took it. My brother didn't even get the strict orders to take the pictures "from the chest up" (you ladies know what I'm talking about! emoticon). I didn't care, I am me, and I worked hard to get where I am. And if my stomachs happen to take up half of the picture then so be it! emoticon

It was just the ultimate NSV and this is what it is about! I am the girl that could not walk the dog around the block 1 mile, I couldn't do it. I would walk up 7 stairs to my bedroom and be SO winded that I'd have to stop and rest. I am the girl that never wanted you to take my picture ever, and on the off chance I let you I only cringed at the results and would be down about it for days thinking "do I really look like that?" But those days are gone. I may not be done on this journey and I may still have a good chunk of weight to lose, but I am proud of what I have accomplished! I have come a long way and the ultimate reward is being able to live life, however I want, with NOTHING to hold me back. Gone are the days of "I really would like to go, but there is too much walking involved". I never ONCE stopped to look around to see if anyone was giving me looks (for being overweight) or talking crap about me. I used to hear people laugh around me and automatically wonder if it was a joke about my weight. I know that sounds super paranoid and it probably was, but when you actually overhear people commenting on your weight, it makes you paranoid! I just couldn't have been more happy to feel like a regular, plain ol, normal person that BLENDED in with everyone else. I wish I could bottle up this feeling and use it up when I'm not feeling so hot, because it's awesome! emoticon

If you are having a hard time or have a long way to go and have trouble staying motivated, PLEASE remember it is SO worth it. These are our lives, we only get one and we deserve to get out and live them however we chose! emoticon

Without further ado, here are some of the pictures taken tonight... you may not care but just the fact that I have pictures to show are a huge NSV! emoticon

^My uncle said "you guys don't smile!" So this is the result...

^ So fluffy!

^Biggest disappointment of the night, Chucky posed for me but that monster cut him off LOL.
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