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2 years in maintenance - I love it!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

This week I reached 2 years in maintenance.
Thank you At Goal and Maintaining / Transitioning to Maintenance Team leaders and members for cheering me on!

Maintenance is a great place for me to be.
Working out everyday is now routine for me, and I feel uncomfortable if I have to miss a morning walk or run outside. Morning is my favorite part of the day, and the best thing to do with it is walking or running in the neighborhood or in the forests nearby.
During the walks I practice walking meditation and it fills me with peace and happiness for the day.
I do weight lifting as well, 2 sessions with barbells and one with light dumbbells, the latter is very easy and relaxing.

I maintained my weight with some fluctuations upward without tracking food from January to August, but then the weight seemed to settle 2-4 pounds above my goal. So I went back to tracking all my food - amazing effect, within 3 weeks my weight went back to goal and below.
In the first weeks I ate in lower half of range (1750-1900 calories), this week I ate in the upper half (1900-2100) and weight seems to settle.
This is my standard SP maintenance range - again it proved to be quite accurate.

I love my life, my body, my food, my workouts. I'm happier than ever.
This is interesting, my mood keeps improving over time.
When I joined SP in June 2011, I felt OK and content with my life, compared to the previous years when I was often depressed and tearful.
After reading The Spark I started to eat well and starting easy workouts, which improved my mood immediately - I felt happier than ever.
I believe this is why my lifestyle change became permanent.
And this is not the end of it!
Since then I made many more healthy choices that added more and more to my well being.
-5K training and running regularly
-going to bed in time
-walking meditation
-practicing ways of positive thinking
-opening my mind to the goodness and love inside me and in people in my life

My SP Friend MANDELOVICH once posted this quote "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I love this quote because it really reflects what happened to me.
The first healthy choice prepared me for the next one which I couldn't have made before the first one. And once a healthy choice became a habit, somehow I always read or heard about something new that now I was ready to do.
This is how I started running, weight lifting and meditation.
Without the first weeks of stationary biking, walking and easy strength training, I would never had the strength or motivation to start any of these.
And now they are all part of my everyday life, and contribute to my physical and mental well being.
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