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Diet riot

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today I saw another diet based on eggs that will make you loose 5-7 kg in two weeks.
From the start let's set something straight, I'm not against fast result diets.
There are plenty of women who need to fit into some dress for the upcoming party.
And there are a lot of ways to reach that quick goal, tons of diets and activities.

But I haven't seen even a single article that would honestly says that it'll all come back during following week after you're done with the diet.
All we get is here is a great product and here is your die with it: kasha diet, eggs diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage diet and so on.

As a result we have public opinion:
1. Eating healthy is impossible.
"Not a low calories diet" usually has 600-700 daily intake, but most don't know that and think that's a healthy amount of food.
Many when hear words "healthy food" imagine a fat man with a celery stick.
Healthy food can't be cheap, I don't even know where that came from.
2. Keeping weight off is almost impossible.
Stories when 600 lbs man loses weight and gains it all back make big splashes.
Almost everybody regain weight, sure when you on two week died and then you get back.
3. You need to live in a gym.
Stereotype about 3-5 days in the gym been essential to weight lose is so strong, when in reality fitness is like 20% of your result.
Yeah, and you should jog every morning and strength training...that puts insane pressure on people who want to start there journey.

And above all that you need to do this all at the same time and when you fail - you're done.
That will push anybody over the edge in a week or two.

As a result people are so confused that most prefer to just leave with it and another half live from diet to diet chasing those 10 lbs. with constant depression, low self esteem and some times bad skin, teeth or even organ failure.

Who profits from all of that confusion?
Your environment: media, culture, establishment, corporations all work against us.
And all of us who achieve something do it in spite of the environment.

Sure, there are few places like SP that are like a beam of light in the pitch black darkness, but we can only win battle for yourselves when the way for nations is already lost.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Very true! Well said.
    1699 days ago
    I definitely hear where you are coming from. Now, if there were something with fast results that would spur me on to keep going and not regain weight, that I'd sure love!
    1699 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Good points!

    I find that the older I get, the worse I see that the media treats the public...or maybe the media IS getting worse! Either way, it is the same.

    The media and the "health" industries gain billions of dollars by either making or keeping us sick. Its just sad.
    1699 days ago
  • LUANN7
    You are so right and I am glad I found SP to help me on my way! Thanks for the blog! emoticon emoticon
    1699 days ago
    Obviously if you are on a diet to lose weight, and you lose the weight and figure you are "done" and stop the diet, you will go back to where you were before. You have to continue to do what you were doing to lose the weight to keep the weight off.

    Hence the whole lifestyle change idea.
    1699 days ago
    You make some good points here. There is too much at stake for the diet industry for us all to have accurate images of what weight loss really is. They make billions on people's misconceptions about weight loss and how it of course they don't want people to know that their fad diets are both unhealthy and unhelpful. People just need to start waking up to the truth and see things for what they are and not fall for all the hype that surrounds these lies.
    1699 days ago

    As a person who exercises daily in a moderate fashion - walking and my job as a house cleaner. And as a person who finds a lot of success eating a 100% raw organic fruit/vegie/greens eating program, it took me years to sift through all that we are told in the media. Many are from sincere people who have had success doing this or that and eating this or that and that is just fine. But much of the media blitz on diet/exercise is simply out there to buy a product or make someone rich.

    I'm glad that finally I've come to a path that works well for me. It's not an easy one, but it works.

    I wish for everyone to find theirs.

    Thanks for the blog.
    1699 days ago
  • BECKY0111
    Unrealistic diets take incredible willpower. I'm weak, so I convinced myself that I was "fat and happy", when really, I'm just fat.
    I'm here because I can't accept that any longer and want to make a change. If I can win this battle, maybe there is a spark of hope for nations??

    1699 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    Well thought out. Thanks.
    1699 days ago

    Wow, this is incredibly articulate! I so agree!

    Love, Ginger
    1699 days ago
  • KARYN_
    You are so right. There is a multi-billion dollar industry that sells us the way to "health" -- everything from diet books, exercise DVDs, equipment, shakes, juices, pills, powders, treatments, surgeries, hypnosis, and mail-order food. All of it follows the same magic formula, guaranteeing that you'll become everything you've ever wanted to be if you can just follow all these instructions exactly and never fail. You've heard of the "Military Industrial Complex"? Well, this is the "Health Industrial Complex." The HIC is a tried and true guilt machine that builds profits on its own failure.

    I am so thankful that I found SP and got off that diet roller-coaster. I may not lose "7 pounds in 7 days(TM!)" but every day I learn something about myself and every day I am stronger.

    Thank you for posting this blog. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1699 days ago
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