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A Visit from A Plain Man or Hungry on the Hudson or Sharing the Spark

Friday, September 27, 2013

Whole30. Day 24. My uncle came to visit me from Ohio this week. He's young-ish, and a very fun guy, but there is one thing that I forgot about him as I was planning our time. He is by his own definition "A Plain Man." He lives on hot dogs and fast food and does not like to try new things. I made him an espresso in the morning and he complained that it wasn't going to be nearly enough coffee to get him through the day and he needed some kind of sweetener and he had to have milk in it. I haven't purchased table sugar or even equal/stevia/splenda for my house since long before Paleo, and of course I don't have dairy milk, only unsweetened almond milk... He's allergic to nuts. Of course, I want to be a good hostess so I am now a little embarrassed that I haven’t planned ahead. Fortunately, my roommate uses half and half so I heated and steamed up a full cup of it and turned his espresso into a deliciously creamy cappuccino. He had some Splenda and grumblingly conceded that it was actually a very good cup of coffee. Later, he called it a "tiny coffee" and hoped that wasn't what I was going to make for coffee the next morning.
The evening brought us to a boat party on the Hudson River, cruising around Manhattan. The boat served a buffet dinner and I thought -- great, there should at least be some salad and some protein that I can eat. Well, there was a big vat of salad greens and all the meat was either deep fried with flour or mixed into some sort of carb concoction (like pasta salad w/shrimp, beans and rice with ground beef). I ate a plate of field greens and The Plain Man had a huge plate of fried chicken, beefy rice and beans, baked ziti, and the works. He said it was pretty good. I didn't even want to try it. That's progress. When we came home, I made a quick Paleo cereal and he wanted to talk to me about the diet I was on. I guess in spite of his plain-ness, he is interested in making healthy changes in his life and he wanted to know more about what I was doing. Before the night was over, we had composed a 6-week action plan for him to reduce his sodium intake, start walking for exercise, and regroup in his spiritual life. He was talking about going whole hog and jumping right in, but I advised him to take baby steps and conquer one thing at a time. You can't just go from eating hot dogs and fast food for over 50 years and suddenly eat 100% healthy -- whatever healthy means to you. I'll be checking in with him once a week to help him through the bumps.
I don’t know if he will stick to it. But, that's between him and his blood pressure!

Uncle's dinner:

My dinner

The gorgeous view that made my hunger pangs worth every minute:

Me wearing overly red lipstick in public!

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