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Day -5 and more brainspew

Friday, September 27, 2013

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***~**Suck-Free October Pregame 7**~***

Day -5

Days all food tracked: 3/7
Days in calorie range: 3/7
Days under 2000 calories: 3/7
Protein over 90g for the day: 2/7
Fiber in range: 2/7
Took vitamins: 3/7

Cups of water: 12
Total cups of water: 34

Fruit & Veggie servings: 7
Total F/V in October: 22

Workout days: 2
Strength training days: 0

Personal Challenges:

A1: 3 (met)
A2: 15 (possibly 15.5) (met)

B1: 1/2 (Sigh. better than 0...)
B2: 1/2
~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

Doing okay. Better on food yesterday even though I became weird and cranky and didn't want to cook dinner. I didn't make turkey cabbage stew last night, just fried a couple eggs with toast, and then ate random vegetables out of my fridge (celery and beets, if you care) because I refused to lower my f/v count for the day. LOL.

Had a decent run yesterday. Still need to do some ST. Maybe later today, I'll see how my day goes.

Finally having a day off has made me kind of manic... I made a huge list of things I want to get done which is kind of the opposite of relaxing, so I'm try to chill and not overdo it. I hate not having weekends, it makes me a total basket case.

Example: Last weekend, after working M - F I worked a 12 hour day Saturday. Sunday, spent 7 hours on the train out and back to visit the inlaws, so was home... to get dressed from 9-10am, and from 9:30-10pm before bed. Then I worked this week M-Thurs, so this is my first day off since the previous Sunday. Which was my friend's baby shower at my house, so not really a "get stuff I need to get done and also relax" day. TECHNICALLY. I spent last Saturday doing shower prep so I guess technically my last day off that wasn't otherwise Spoken For was two weeks ago Friday. (I know, having a party is still a weekend, but I am a person who needs quiet time and time to do stuff I don't have time for during the week or I go crazy. See: current crazy!)

Next weekend I work Saturday morning, have a wedding Saturday night, and a 5K on Sunday.

My next day off is October 12. Kill me now.

I think I am skipping the shower tomorrow, for my mental health.

Then I get to feel guilty because the person whose shower I'm skipping? Her wedding is the same day as a very very very good friend's baby shower. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I have a feeling husby is going to pitch a fit if I tell him I want to at LEAST skip the ceremony so I can go to the baby shower. Ceremony = 1:30, baby shower = 2pm. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

he gets really uptight about stuff for his family (which... this is his best friend's little brother's fiance's shower tomorrow. She's super sweet, but come on. I've met her twice. She is not devastated if I'm not there; she barely knows me.) (also we haven't seen his best friend in several years. they grew up together but they never bother to make plans to hang out so I don't know how that counts as a Drop Everything relationship BUT WHAT DO I KNOW)

So he's probably going to blow a gasket because every time I don't want to go to something it's The End Of The World, but whatever. Fortunately it all conforms to the wacky New York wedding tradition where there's like 4 hours between the ceremony and the reception (seriously. you people? Are so weird with your Three Ring Circus events...) so I should easily be able to hang out at the baby shower for a while and then head over to the reception later. He can catch a ride with somebody.

I actually have to do the same thing next weekend anyway... I can't go to the ceremony because I'm working. He got really mad at me about that and I'm like... what do you want me to do???? I was asked to work this event long before the wedding date came.

Like I said. Basket Case.

To top it off, my heinous work project that's been killing me? It's been back on my plate this week. I gave myself a pass on guilt because everyone else that passed it back to me was late on deadlines so I was like "eh." Then I checked my email this morning & had one saying "oh what's the status I don't think we should wait to send this." THEN DON'T SEND ME 90000000000 EDITS WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE *TWO* TWO WEEKS AGO AND BE DONE. Also? DON'T SEND ME EMAIL AT 9:30PM THE NIGHT BEFORE MY FIRST DAY OFF IN OVER TWO WEEKS.


Okay. I feel better.

I'm gonna do some sewing. Very therapeutic. Later I might walk to the farmstand I just discovered is ~1.5mi from my house! Nice weather, nice walk, VEGGIES. Sounds gooooood.
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    The farmstand sounds great.
    2782 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12383123
    Good Lord woman! Sewing, yep, sewing sounds like the best idea of all right now!

    One thing at a time and don't worry, husby will live for a minute without you!
    2784 days ago
    Sounds like my life! Don't worry, it will calm down at some point. Since school started (the day after my b-day) I have not had any me time either! Wed of this week I decided to tell everyone to go to hell and sat down to sort through nearly a year's worth of paperwork. Yes, I had boxes! But it was for my own sanity.

    Even though I'm not completely done with that project, I feel tons better. Sometimes you just have to do something for you without thinking about all the other crap going on.
    2784 days ago
    Men are really weird with their relationships... my husby won't contact any of his friends so when they want to talk to him they bother ME.

    Walk to the farmstand is a great idea!
    2784 days ago
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