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Swimsuit? Check! Goggles? Check! Ear plugs? Check! Towel? Check!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

i now officially have everything I need to hit the pool... except a pool. That's kind of a problem. I have 4985934875 extra expenses this week, so the membership is a no go for the week. I'm planning to have my membership and start swimming a week from Monday. I even have a cute swim cap.

I love vintage inspired things, and if I have to rock a swim cap, it might as well be a cute one. So, plan is in place... swimming commences one week from Monday. Need to pencil that in on my calender.

Today has been kind of a weird day. I woke up at 5 am freezing my ass off. I was pretty sure the thermostat on the AC must have animated itself and dialed all the way over the frigid. I am never cold, so if I'm cold, it must be REALLY cold. I laid there for a while trying to snuggle under my blanket and get warm, but I didn't have a heavy weight blanket, and it just wasn't working. So at 5:30, I gave up and got up and put on yoga pants and a hoodie. And I wasn't sleepy. I had to be up at 6:45 to go get blood drawn, but 5:30 was not part of the bargain. Nevertheless, there I was, wide awake in the predawn hours for no good reason.

I had to have the blood drawn by 8, so my plan had been to sleep til 6:45, get up, get dressed, drive to the lab, get the blood drawn, and then get some breakfast. Welp. Waking up an hour and 15 minutes early threw a wrench in that plan! I was way way way too hungry to wait until I was finished at the lab before I had breakfast. I was planning on McD's, so I left a few minutes early and hit the drive thru. Egg White Delight = AWESOME. Problem was, I ate breakfast at 7 am, at least 2 1/2 hours before my normal breakfast time. I normally eat every 3-4 hours. Which would have meant I'd be eating lunch at 10 or 11, and that would never do. I only have so many calories in a day!

So, after sitting here trying to distract myself, I decided to get up and take action. I went to get my hair cut. In later days, I'm less sure the headaches are from lack of caffeine. It's possible my hair had gotten too heavy and that was causing them. So I figured I'd get my hair cut, and rule in or out that possibility. The hair turned out pretty good.

If I weren't too lazy to keep it straightened all the time, that would be awesome. Alas, today is probably the last time it will look like that until it's time to cut it again. {Although I did say earlier to a friend that if I get thin and healthy, and my hair is the least attractive thing about me, I will stop being so lazy.}

Getting my hair did occupied me until almost 1, which meant it had been almost 6 hours since breakfast. That is unheard of for me. I don't go 6 hours without food unless I'm asleep, and half the time I can't even sleep that long. But I made it. I had a grilled chicken samich for lunch at 1. Then I set about the business of occupying myself until dinner time. Fortunately I had some help in that department. Today was grocery shopping/general chore day. Dh and I got dressed and left here at 4. We had to go to the library and Ollie's, and then it was dinnertime. I can have a pretty healthy meal at Chipotle, so Chipotle it was. SO yummy. It was 5 when we ate, so I had made it 4 hours that time. Apparently keeping busy really does help keep the food out of my mouth!

When we finished eating, it was time to get down to shopping business. First we went to Dick's so I could get some swim goggle and ear plugs. Then it was off to Walmart for most our stuff. Then to Meijer for produce. Then home. We didn't buy a lot this week, we didn't need it. I got some yummy fruit, and 4 {yes, 4} tubs of whipped peanut butter. If there are any fellow peanut butter whores out there, and you haven't tried the new JIF Whipped, DO IT! 140 cal for 2 tbsp, compared to 200+ for regular pb. SO good. I also got some Morning Star Farms fake turkey burger thing that's only 90 calories, so hell to the yes for that!

I didn't workout today, but it was planned that way. Shopping is always very difficult on my back, and I knew that if I worked out this morning, and then tried to shop, I'd be in bad shape by the time I got home. So I took today as a rest day. Well, if you can consider getting up at 5:30 am, getting a blood draw, and then spending most of the rest of the day running around in circles to be a rest day... but whatever you want to call it, I didn't do any formal exercise. It kind of felt wrong to not do anything, but I can't let myself turn into an obsessive compulsive can't-miss-a-day exerciser. I don't wanna trade one neurosis for another.

Tomorrow morning I will be back out there running from Zombies again. Or, well, training to run from Zombies at some point in the future. I'm ready to get back out there and tackle another 36 minute workout. The workouts are the same for 3 days, so tomorrow is my last day of the workout I'm doing now. Then it gets a little harder. I'm trying to just think about getting through tomorrow, though. No stressing about the getting harder part. One proverbial day at a time.

And now I am heading off to get ready for bed. I'm tired, and I gotta store up some big energy for a workout tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone has had a great Thursday!

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  • PICKIE98
    First of all, diggin' the "do" and the Esther Williams bathing cap!! I must say, you might feel a teensy bit naked without that big honkin' rubber flower glued to the side of the cap...

    What does your swimsuit look like? Smart cookie getting a white cap to complete the "On-samb"!!

    You will have fun in that pool... I am jealous... honest..

    1724 days ago
  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    emoticon Sounds like a very productive and healthy day! Keep it up! emoticon
    1724 days ago
    I would give ANYTHING to be addicted to exercise!!! I've been addicted to all the bad stuff...
    1724 days ago
    Good job, Cat!

    I woke up not feeling well, but I worked anyway and felt better as the day wore on. I am going to go to bed early, as I am draggin'!

    emoticon (Frog standing in for dragon!)
    1725 days ago
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