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My Copper boy is gone and I'm so sad.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Copper would have been 5 years old tomorrow. He was a BIG orange, talkative male Tabby cat, with a big long striped tail, and the love of my life. I adopted him from a no kill shelter on May 25, 2012. He was just hours from being put down when he was taken in by the shelter. He came to me with no name, but a date of birth. How odd is that? Anyway, I tried a total of 27 names for male orange cats and he answered to none of them, so he became "Copper"

After only 2 days of "owning" him, I would have turned over heaven and earth had he gotten lost. He was so loveable and cuddly and he managed to weave himself into every aspect of my life. He loved to "back cuddle" when I was on the computer. He'd hop up behind me and warm my back while I stroked him and he purred. He loved to be held like a baby. I used to tell him that I was sure some little girl had spoiled him rotten when he was a kitten. He loved to supervise when I cooked. He'd strut into the kitchen and talk to me till I showed him what I was making. Sometimes he'd be interested, other times he'd turn up his nose and walk away. He loved canned whipped cream. He's hear the familiar swoosh and come running for a lick from my finger.

He really loved my other cat, Sweetie. Ashes, whose place Copper took, really held Sweetie in contempt. She's lick her head then bash her in the face. Copper just loved Sweetie and the feeling was mutual. They'd groom each other and sleep curled up together all the time.

A few weeks ago, I noticed Copper was getting thin. Almost like he was when I brought him home from the shelter. When you have more than one cat and they self feed you don't notice when one is off their food as readily as if I had been feeding them canned food. I did notice he was turning up his nose at treats though. A week ago Tuesday I brought him into the vet's He was dehydrated and just not himself. The vet kept him for 30 hours and re-hydrated him with IV's They got him to eat a bit of some special canned food and sent him home with me. He looked like a pregnant elephant! His belly was so distended, but I was told that was the result of the fluids they pumped into him. He ate a bit of food Wednesday night, and I began weighing him every morning. By the weekend he was going downhill pretty quickly. I wasn't sure he's make it through the night Sunday night. He didn't have the strength to even jump up on the bed or jump down the next morning. I slept with my hand on his paw or his tail all night long and each time I woke up to check on him, Sweetie was licking his head. His stomach was so distended. He looked like those pictures of starving children from Sudan. I took him to the vet first thing Monday morning. By 8:20 they'd called and said he had rapidly growing a mass in his stomach and gently suggested that he needed to be put down. I just could not believe it. He was so big and strong and healthy 2 weeks earlier and suddenly he was so frail, and I was being told he needed to be put to sleep. He wasn't even 5 years old yet! All of my cats have lived to their late teens. I figured I had at least another 10 years of loving him, but it didn't work out that way this time. He died in my arms with me whispering to him how much we all loved him, and he was gone. There is still an indent in the back of the couch where he used to lay and I'd pet him on my way past him. It's just so hard when you see them deteriorate in front of your eyes and can do nothing to stop it.

Sweetie has become very needy and she's not an affectionate cat. She too was a rescue and I think she may have been a bit feral in her younger days. She hates to be held and will only sleep at the foot of the bed. And the only way I can show her affection is to hold her head between my hands and rub my chin on her head. She loves that, but nothing else. After Copper's big loveable warmth, neither Sweetie nor I are getting what we both crave from him. I promised him a new house. Even had the builder put in a cat door to the screen porch so he could go in and out just like he has here. (Sweetie, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, only knows how to come IN the door, not go out!) With the impending move and 2 rather lengthy trips coming up, I probably won't (shouldn't) bring another cat into the family till after the first of the year. I did look at the website of the shelter where I got Copper and they had several BIG orange male tabby cats for adoption, so I probably won't have trouble finding one. I just hope Copper guides me to the right one.

Lisa, my financial adviser called when she heard of Coppers passing and incredibly, she told me that one of her clients had given her a gift. It was a "reading" from a pet medium. The reading was done the very day that Copper died. Lisa had to put down a very special dog in June. There were other animals in the house and all were affected by Jake's passing. I have the link to the medium and will probably call upon her to do a reading for me. It was amazing what she told my FA about her pets. She even mentioned 2 cats that Lisa had not mentioned to the reader. Lisa gave her very little information about the animals other than their breed, age and if they were still with us or had been put down. The details were amazing. There were facts that the reader had no way of knowing, like the layout of the house and the fact that one of the cats (that had not been named in the reading request) preferred the food that she had previously been given because of the "creamy texture" and could they go back to feeding her that instead of the new stuff Lisa had changed to about 2 weeks earlier! Anyway, I think I want to use her to tell Copper just how much we all loved him and miss him and to ask him to come to the new house with us. Apparently Lisa's Jake is still there and "talks" to the new Golden Retriever that they rescued. (But he doesn't like the name they chose and would prefer to call her "Boo" instead of Ginger!) I'd love it if Copper would do the same to whoever I end up bringing into the family! There is a huge void in my life right now. He was such a sweet boy. I'll miss him always.
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    So sorry to hear about Copper..... I have 3 house bunnies that I rescued and I know I would be devastated if something happened to any of them. Hoping you will welcome another one into your life when the time is right.
    2472 days ago
    Sending hug over your loss for Copper. But think you are right about not doing anything til after your trip and the move. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2473 days ago
    My heart goes out to you and to Sweetie. It's an extra shock with one so young. I came home to find my seven-year-old cat of cats dropped dead on the floor. I later read that Maine Coons are prone to heart trouble. Your kitty sounds like a really special one too.
    2473 days ago
    I found your reply on a mutual sparky's page and just had to come over and give you an EXTRA big hug! emoticon We just lost our beautiful fur baby Keanu a few weeks back who also was the light of our life! We were lucky though we had him for 18 years a pic of he and his momma cat Chin Chin is on my pic page. He was SUCH a special cat..a real cuddler too...and he was a joy to our 22 year old son as was his momma cat who passed three years ago. Losing Keanu was like losing Josh all over again because he was really our last link to our son. It's sorrow doubled. I still expect to hear him come running when we come home at night and yowl out his welcome. It's just SO darn I feel your pain and want you to know that you added so much joy to his life by rescuing him and he's STILL very much with you and always will be.

    I honestly think it's the pet foods that are killing our animals...the stuff I've read about what they put into it is absolutely's not fit to eat and I really think it causes our dear animals to develop all kinds of problems. You can research the healthier ones by googling healthy pet foods.

    Hugs to you my friend and blessings to you for being such a wonderful fur momma to the beautiful and loving Copper boy.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2474 days ago
    My heart aches for you. We took in a stray cat about 10 years ago even though we already had two others. Within days she was the light of our lives. We only had her for a very short 1 1/2 years but still miss her dearly.

    2474 days ago
    I hear you, Friend. Kitties entwine the heart and even when they are gone the precious memories linger. And Copper was so young. They often look so strong and healthy and yet their life is fragile. I have had to put several Kitties down and I don't believe I ever stop grieving. My newest want love on her conditions like your Sweetie, but they love deeply too. I agree, it must relate to previous care givers. Take care. emoticon Jane
    2474 days ago
    Oh, how much love comes through this blog and into so many hearts. I hear your hurt, but I also hear your love and memories. I cannot know how you feel, as I have not lost or had to put down one of my kitties. I have lost dogs and it does leave such a void in your life. He was such a beautiful cat. My oldest is 12 and I am hoping he lives forever. Thoughts are with you as you continue to heal each day and prepare for another needy kitten to love.

    2474 days ago
    I'm sorry for your loss. Your loving tribute brought tears to my eyes. Copper was lucky to have had you in his life.
    2477 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5575543
    You probably will not have another cat just like Copper but he'll be near enough that you'll love him too. emoticon Meanwhile, Sweetie needs all the love you can give. emoticon
    2477 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Maryellen, I'm so sorry for your loss.
    2479 days ago
    I am so sorry for you. Your love and sadness comes through in your very moving blog. Copper was a lucky boy to have lived with you and vice versa.
    I lost my Reva in a similar way. She was fine, and then I came home one day, and her back legs were paralyzed. X-rays showed she had a large mass on her heart and lungs. I decided not to treat, as her quality of life was so compromised already, and the mass might not be operable. Putting a beloved pet down is one of the hardest things I'll ever do.
    I hope Copper is playing with all the other kitties, including Reva who was a hoot, across the Rainbow Bridge.
    2479 days ago
    Awe honey I am sorry to hear of the loss of your furbaby. My heart goes out to you. ((((HUGS 4 U))))
    2479 days ago
    so sorry...... they do leave a void when one of our fur babies dies....
    2479 days ago
    emoticon I am so sorry to hear this! Losing Pets is a High Price for all the Love they give us. But it IS Worth It!
    2479 days ago

    So Sorry for your loss. Please be sure to post after you've met with the reader/medium.

    2479 days ago
    So so sorry to read about the loss of your beautiful Copper. They become such a huge part of our lives so very fast. And they leave a huge hole in our hearts when they have to go. I am glad you have your Sweetie with you. She may not crave the same sort of attention Copper wanted, but be sure, she needs it as much as you do. You will be a comfort to each other. Be well and love on Sweetie often. Good luck!
    The Herd Lady
    2479 days ago
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