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"Smedium Brad": An NSV Tale

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How do we measure victory after we spill our blood, sweat, and tears for what we are doing here? The elephant in the room is always the scale and it is really hard to ignore. That number is constantly in our face and is easy to measure. Easy to track. Then there are the non scale victories (NSV's) which can be just as rewarding as the scale number, if not more!

Making that number on the scale go down is hard! Why isn't it as easy to make go down as it was to go up? I don't remember stressing about how I ate an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and wondering how the scale only went up 0.7lbs! I don't remember trying to figure out what I was going to eat before bed to inch over 4,000 calories for the day! Nope, that stuff was sooo easy! Getting the scale to go down is the hard part and that is what we have signed up for here!

But as you all know, that scale doesn't always cooperate. There have been days where you want to punt it out of the front door in hopes that a truck would repeatedly run it over. Then you have those days where you are convinced that the batteries are bad and you would like to go hunt down the Energizer Bunny because you know that he was messing with your number!

So when the scale is being a jerk as it often can be, we can turn to those NSV's. You know, the measurements, the clothes fitting, the comments from people who haven't seen you since you have lost some weight. Those little ego boosting nuggets of gold that make every decision to turn down ice cream seem easy! Have you ever had an NSV like that and swear that they could fill a swimming pool with Moose Tracks and instead of grabbing a spoon that you would just say "Why did they fill a swimming pool with Moose Tracks?" Ok, so maybe you prefer vanilla or a nice cookies and cream, but you know that feeling that I am talking about! You are so pumped up about your NSV, you don't even think about ice cream!

How grateful are we that we can have those NSV's that propel us forward? I know I am extremely grateful!

I have had one recently that probably doesn't seem like as big a deal as clothes fitting for the first time since high school, but I know the feeling it gives me is priceless. I have a buddy named Scott and he along with the majority of the world that I know has at one time or another called me "Big Brad". It is easy. It is accurate (at 6'7" it will always be accurate but was even more so at 509lbs.). But at the same time, it got old. It especially got old as I was losing weight and getting smaller. So that brings me back to my buddy Scott who has taken to calling me "Smedium Brad".

Smedium usually refers to a shirt that someone wears that is too small for them. In my case, Scott said, "Well, you were Big Brad but now you aren't so I am going to call you Smedium Brad." That works for me! "Smedium Brad" it is!

It is easy to get stuck with the numbers on the scale but don't forget about those NSV's because the scale will never tell your entire story!

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