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10 American Foods That are Banned in Other Countries + 2013 dirty 12 & clean 15

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The purpose of this blog is primarily to provide a link (below) to an important article that I did not write. I am posting because of the folks who showed an interest in my previous blog about learning to read barcodes to discover where the food we choose to buy is being produced. I think that my more curious readers will find the information below and beyond enlightening and of interest as well.

In case you haven't noticed, working class USA (that means any and everyone who has to work for a living) is virtually a hostage to the health care industries. People choose and dare not loose jobs - even when they involve life-threatening levels of stress - simply because they and their families absolutely need the health benefits .

But hey! - many of foods Americans eat (particularly those foods that are readily available, affordable, and touted as being "healthy" while not requiring extensive preparation) are making us and our children very sick - often seriously ill. I am not talking about junk food here. I am talking about foods that contain ingredients that have been proven to be unsafe - to the extent that other countries have banned the sale foods containing these ingredients because of the health risk to their citizenry. Insult is added to injury because everyone on the big bucks side of these low blows is aware of the risks except "We the people..." who are at risk.

This is unacceptable. Education is the first step to us saving ourselves - and then we must bring this premeditated, unacceptable wrong to the attention of the people we hire and elect to protect us. Have a read - the article is to the point and not all that long.

the 2013---- DIRTY DOZEN------ (produce that retains toxic residues from pesticides) PLUS**** THE CLEAN 15**** do not need to be raised organically to be safe to eat

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  • BRENDA_G50
    1648 days ago
    100 % Correct on this information - I just love an informed individual as yourself . To me because you and I grew up relatively in the same age group . That our generation were the Ginny Pigs of Junk Food and Processed who knows what is actually in the ingredient. I do have a Medical Degree and you are 100 % correct Medical is based on Money !!! Years ago , most likely half a Century Physician's would not get paid unless the patient was healed . Big Pharma and Huge insurance have their eye on the Prize $$$$ not on our better Welfare which has lead me to stray from that profession to All Natural Healing . I see on your page you are a Reader - I adored the Elephant Story on your page - good read anything by Ty Bollinger ( Cancer - step outside the box) rude a wakening to me and a life saver - Hugs Karen emoticon
    1655 days ago
    This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    1661 days ago
    interesting site--Thank-you!-Lynda emoticon
    1661 days ago
    Practice not perfection? Yes, of course! I know you are right. . . and yet. . . I have this all or nothing attitude where most things are concerned. I seriously need to get over that! What can I say? I am a work in progress. . . I think. Oh, and by-the-by, the place where you live? Sounds absolutely heavenly! I don't know how you ended up there, but I'm so glad you did. Sounds like the perfect fit!!! Enjoy your home. . . a little for me too. Thank you.
    1661 days ago
    Karen, bless your heart - practice not perfection.

    I keep a list of "the dirty dozen" - foods that get sprayed a lot but seem to retain the poisons (one list in my wallet and one on the fridge - my memory sucks,) and try to stick to that. Peppers and celery are things I cook with a lot so I try to be particular about buying them organic but sometimes the nasty beautiful peppers follow me home anyway. I don't eat much meat, but when I buy chicken - the organic just tastes so much better - plus there are many "enslaved" minions of Tyson's torturing chickens down the mountain where I used to live. The birds have it bad. So do those poor people who raise them - it is a hideous trap for all concerned.. But sometimes the foul fowl follows me home too. What can I say?

    I live on a land trust and we have a No Chemicals covenant - no poisons in the home or the yard - so I have surrounded myself with a support system. My back yard neighbor is an organic farmer (makes most of his income that way) and my veg garden is organic, and I have friends down in Sequatchie Valley who raise organic beef and have it processed locally - I can't afford much of it but once or twice a year they have a 5lbs for $25 special on their ground beef so I put some in the freezer. The way I cook, that will do Garry and me re chili/meat dishes for the winter. But then once in a while here we come draggin' home a large sausage, mushroom and black olive pizza from Pizza Hut. Go figure. (Progress not perfection.)

    Spark People, mindfulness and tracking all help me to cut down on what I spend at the grocery - which is good. I have been buying organic skim milk for years and years - it just tastes so much better. But I have Silk light on my oatmeal (Silk is not to be trusted - I forget who owns them but I do remember that it is one of the scum-sucking corporations of vileness whose tires I long to slash.)

    You get my drift? It really helps to have a partner on your side so try to get your beloved to work with you.

    If you buy non-organic apples - be sure to peel them - they get sprayed more than anything - ditto peaches - peel them. Times is hard. We all do the best we can. Check around your community and see if there is a food co-op. I used to barter time working at the co-op in Boston to offset the bill.

    Vegans who do not eat or use animal products for ethical reasons are bolstered by their moral stance - but someone who simply wants to be mindful and eat more healthily... well they make compromises every now and again.

    Here is a link to this year's dirty dozen and clean 15. This list changes some from year to year because different chemicals are used depending on crops and the weather. I keep the Environmental Working Group site bookmarked - they have solid information and good articles;

    Eat well and don't beat yourself up, dear one.
    1662 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/30/2013 12:05:51 AM
    Thank you for the link! It's really scary, the things our government finds "safe" - or, at least, supposedly not UNsafe.

    You're a courageous rebel, posting any info from Dr Mercola! I find his website a fount of information. Naturally, I cross-research and -reference. But I've yet to find anything respectable directly in opposition to things I've gleaned from his articles. I have, however, been chastised for quoting "quack science." How they came to that conclusion, I don't know. Goes against what they've embedded in their comfortable viewpoints, I presume.

    Thanks for bringing out some good info!
    Keep researching!
    1662 days ago
    More proof that I have lived a very sheltered, head-in-the-sand kind of life! Some years ago, I tried to eat organically. After about a month, I was faced with a choice: groceries or gasoline to get to/from work. Gasoline won. About a year ago, I tried to become vegetarian. I made it 30 days before caving to my husband's request to "eat out" and there being no vegetarian restaurants in my neighborhood. For most of my adult life, I have tried to purchase foods that I naively thought were "good" for me. . . like fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grains, sea salt instead of regular ol' table salt, soy milk and/or almond milk instead of skim milk from a cow and on an on it goes. I'd read an article that cautioned me about the foods I was eating and then quickly throw in the towel. It seemed as if any diet I chose for myself was toxic in some way. It always becomes overwhelming and I quit. I had a nutritionist ask me once what could be more important than my health. The answer was then what it is now: nothing. But, for whatever reason, I can't seem to get enough "correct" information - all at the same time about what I should and should not eat to make a real difference. . . and the one time in my life when I thought I really knew what I was doing - I couldn't afford it. When I think about all the bad things I do to my body, I'm then left with the question. . . why bother? Why bother eating foods that are good for my body or mind, when I'm not doing anything else that's good for me? Makes me feel like such a hypocrite! Ok, enough of my moaning and groaning. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this very informative article. I read it and was shocked! Some of what was in the article I had suspicions about already - like the milk and chicken. But most of it? Was a complete shock! Just out of curiosity, have you heard about the "codes" - not bar codes - but the numbers found on the stickers of apples? I heard recently that one should never buy an apple that has a code beginning with a 3 or 4 because of the chemicals used to grow those apples. Instead, the reporter said to select apples with codes starting in "9s". The worst part? Me running down to the grocery store looking at every freakin' apple in the joint and finding not even a one that started with the number 9! But that was just the beginning. I raced off to 5 other stores in search of even one apple starting with a "9". Not a one was found. Pathetic! Yeah, I guess the long and the short of it is my government mixed with my own bad behavior has left me feeling completely defeated where food is concerned. Maybe some day I'll have the real know-how, the money, the time for research and whatnot to eat a "healthy" diet. Until then, I'll just pray my food doesn't kill me. I really do appreciate the information - even though I'm being such a negative nelly. Forgive me my negativity please. emoticon
    1662 days ago
    reminded me of a quote I saw recently somewhere (can't remember where) saying that it was ironic that the country which has systematically poisoned its children and population through allowing big companies to engineer food for profit is accusing Syria of chemical warfare...
    1664 days ago
    Thanks for the link
    1665 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    1666 days ago
  • OWL_20
    God blog and thanks for the link--I like what the website has to offer in other articles, too. Hm, the stuff you *don't* know and take for granted.... Good eye-opener.
    1666 days ago
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