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Being SMART for 23!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

...BLC23 that is!

I'm a huge advocate of pre-planning, and planning some more! It's only when we have concrete goals and a solid roadmap that we are able to navigate the many obstacles that will block our travels! I wouldn't set out to travel cross country without a map (or gps these days LOL) so why should a 12 week journey be any different?

A SMART traveler plans a route based on sights they wish to see, time it will take to reach destinations and the cost associated with said trip! Consider this the trip planner...

Specific ~ I plan to lose 1.5 pounds a week, which will take me to within 5 pounds of my goal weight and back into some clothing that is fitting a little "snug" these days! I don't want to place ALL the focus on a number because it's a portion of the equation! How will I achieve this??

Measurable ~ I will take measurements at the beginning, 1/4, 1/2 and end point of the challenge! Always say I will, never do and regret not! I will find an article of clothing to use as a starting and ending point for "fit" test!

Attainable ~ I know from past experience that this is an attainable by tracking both nutrition and fitness, having a solid workout program in place that incorporates both ST (my weakness) and cardio! Keeping things fresh, new and changing often so my body (and mind) doesn't become bored and lose momentum!

Realistic ~ The "all or nothing" side of me wants to dive right in and expect perfection, but truth be told, a few bad habits have crept in and I know they are going to need individual focus! The realist knows with proper focus it won't take long for the bad to leave and the acceptable to return. I will work to repair these weaknesses and restore them to my previous norm on a daily basis! It's just a matter of determination and mindset focused in the proper place...Putting focus back on myself as a priority!

Timely ~ I have set December 18th as the date to achieve the loss goal set forth, with monthly goal benchmarks and rewards along the way!

Time to let the landscape pass by and reach the destination I've set out for! Let the travels begin!

Now...those who KNOW me are thinking "That's it?, no details"? Of course no blog of mine involving plans or goals would be complete without some "pit stop" plans!

~ I will plan my meals in advance (at least the night before) with full intentions of creating a weekly menu/shopping list, so I am prepared at all times!

~ Obviously the above will require the need to track nutrition, but I know to see best results I need to be observing not only calories, but Macro nutrients! Therefore, I will also be striving for a balance of carb, protein and healthy fats, keeping sodium at or below 1800 daily...not a problem when eating whole foods!

~ I will revisit the "visual water jug" (64 oz minimum) filled each morning and not allow myself to hit the pillow until all water has been consumed! Starting with 64 oz, and will get back to the 80+!

~ I will include ST 3 days a week and cardio 6 days a week! I have created 3 workout plans that will change every 4 weeks to keep my body guessing! This includes getting back to my true love...RUNNING! To keep myself on plan, I will seek and sign up for a 5K race sometime late November, early December! And use the teams virtual 5K planned for December 1st to fuel momentum!

~ I will make ME a priority just as I do the members of my team...ensure that I MAKE time to fit not only team duties into my days, but MY workouts as well! NO more....but I have to send this, post that, gather and report whatever or make sure these questions are answered! *I* am a teammate too, part of the equation, not just a cheerleader!

~ With the above said, I also need to focus on setting an evening time limit and have things completed before then so I can get to bed at a decent time! My body is crying for 6-8 hours of sleep nightly!

~ I will remain focused and not let the holidays side track my efforts! Resist bringing unhealthy foods/candy and bake goods into the house! Research healthy recipes and be prepared for the "that's not our tradition" lecture when Thanksgiving dinner comes around! I host, it's my menu! LOL!

~ I will follow through with the rewards I have planned for myself and actually acquire them when they are earned instead of finding 100 reasons why the money needs to be allocated to something or someone else!
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