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hump day

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I have had a killer headache for the last 36 hours now. My bp when I went to the doctor this afternoon was 139/90 which for me was high but considering what this week has been like, expected.

Last night I sent an email to my future DIL explaining to her about my father in laws condition. She nicely wrote back that while she sympathized, even if we flew her and the baby up during the week she would not be able do to do this. However should we want to set up skype so they could see her that way that would be fine.

This morning was up with hubby at 3 am to get him off to work and them did not go back to sleep until to 7. Was up again at 9.

Got a blessing phone call phone my doctor and I just told him everything that was going on and mentioned that hubby was seeing his associate his afternon and could he recommend to her putting him on something to help prevent the dimentia. he thought that was a very wise idea.

Got up and weighed in while on the phone with the doctor and he was pleased I was six lbs pound since starting his new med last Tuesday. He wants me to take two weeks of the higher dose and then off for two weeks which is fine.

I just felt so crumpy all day. Cold, with a headache and just ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Got to the doctors office for hubby's appt. Hubby was in GA for his and I was on this end with the physican's assisant. Cheryl looked at this numbers and knew immediately what his problem was...the testerone levels in his body were so low they were almost gone. So now for the rest of his life, he will be on this which will help with weight, memory and who knows what else.

when they finished there call Cheryl and I taked for a while as I have not seen here one to one in a long time (she was my orignal provider). told her what happened to me at Duke and why I am 30 lbs heavier. she said she notice the weight gain but did not want to say anything as to hurt my feelings but now she knows why and feels bad another doctor did this to me.

So she is also going to be thinking of ways to get the metabolism going again for me which I truly appreciate.

So now I am home with still have a headache after eating dinner. thinking of making some hot chocolate and going to bed early although I know I am not going to sleep well yet,
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