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What a rest day looks like... three tracker version

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday was my "rest day"... no organized exercise... the three trackers gave the following results:

OMRON pedometer - 11921 steps
Fitbit Flex - 11116 steps
Spark Activity tracker - 10636

As before, the Fitbit Flex was off for a period of charging time, and the Spark activity tracker was off from the time I took off my shoes before bed, and the time before I put them on in the morning. The OMRON I wear even on my jammies, so it even picks up the "up in the night" trips from bed down the hall!

Interesting note about the Spark Activity tracker is that it considered only two of my break walks as "workout" events yesterday, because it only counts continuous activity of 10 minutes or longer as a workout event. I had been stopped on my noon walk by a fellow employee I'd met by encountering her when I did loops in the basement of the office building. We stood and talked for a while (she's recovering from an injury, so it wasn't a question of walking on)... she, by the way, is a fascinating, graceful woman and I had to ask if she was a dancer... yes, she is.

Anyway, today I pulled one of my "peopled out" pouts and came home after work... to find my volunteer discount code in my e-mail... which essentially gives me the early bird discount if I want to sign on to the Rev3 Wisconsin Dells next June... that gives me 9 months to train from RIGHT NOW to up my distance to Olympic. So the question before me at this point is, "am I ready to commit?"

Stay tuned!

Life is good... Spark on! Oh, and for those of you who asked about the "Glow Getter" award, it's automatic if your Spark Tracker tracked 10,000 steps in a day! Here's the tracker with the glow lights on, I think it's cool - reminds me of a flying saucer.
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  • LADYG67
    Thank you for explaining to proper procedure on obtaining a glow getter award. I had not heard of it until recently and wanted to be a recipient emoticon emoticon
    1594 days ago
    Thx for explanation!
    1646 days ago
    thank you .. so it only works on the spark tracker- I have fitbit
    1649 days ago
  • LADYBUG1943
    I ordered the Spark Tracker yesterday. I already wear an Omron pedometer (doesn't track sleep activity), and have worn them for years. They seem to be very accurate with steps, and also keeps separate record of "aerobic" walking (i.e., longer than 10 minutes). My only complaint is that it does not register elliptical use at all. I can get off the elliptical, knees wobbly and sweating, and the pedometer says "where've you been, on the couch?" Now reading your blogs about the SP device, I'm not sure it will either, but I love the idea of it recording directly to SP.

    Of course, I went all the way back to your Sept. 3 blog (my anniversary, BTW), and have enjoyed the great advice and motivation you have throughout. I don't know why I hadn't signed up to get notified every time you post... I've done it for other friends.

    Being a fellow Nebraskan, love the cultural background we share. Stayed in my hometown one summer a couple of years ago, and my sister and I decided we would walk everywhere, just as we did when we were growing up there. I didn't have a single day under 11,000 steps. My mother has since passed away, so no more regular visits there, but I love Nebraska still.

    Keep up the good work. You're doing a lot people a wonderful service with your example and your advice. I'm exactly 10 years older than you. I've been 70 for 3 days now. My new thing for this decade is start riding horses, a childhood dream. I can hardly wait!

    1663 days ago
    thanks for explaining glow getter
    1665 days ago
  • GABY1948
    LOL, I love are serious like I am about my pedometer...I wear mine 24/7 (only not in the shower) and want every single step counted! I DON'T wear 3 though...I don't even have 3!

    Thanks for all your great info each blog!
    1666 days ago
    UIs that like a FITBIT Barb??-----It looks good!------We are having a pretty good day here--Tess even ate a bite----one day at a time I guess!-Lynda
    1667 days ago
    Guess I haven't been paying attention...I didn't even know about the Spark tracker. Cool!
    1667 days ago
    Looks like they're fairly consistent, which is good news - love the light up reward
    1667 days ago
    I gotta gte me one of them, lol
    1667 days ago
    That does look cool! I wear my fitbit all the time, at night too, unless I have it charging. I used to do that with the Omron pedometer I had too. As far as pedometers, I liked Omron the best of different ones I had. But now I love my fitbit. I like your reports on the spark tracker too.
    1667 days ago
    My question is, what do you get knowing your steps/exercise are tracked? What does it give you?
    I am a gadget nut also but am trying to figure the potential for use for me.
    I see the Spark-thing will light up upon goal attainment...I like that idea, highlighting a goal attained when it occurs.
    I'm not attached to computers in such a way that I'd be able to download info in the middle of the day to ensure I've gone the 10,000 steps.
    I read other people run around just before bed because they haven't attained their steps.
    I guess I'm seeing it in my "bad" light. It does me little good to track my bad eating if I'm not going to use tracking to make changes.

    1667 days ago
    Super cool!
    1667 days ago
  • DALID414
    That's where the award is from! That's awsome!
    1667 days ago
    Cool, indeed!
    1667 days ago
    Yeah, that sounds like a good rest day!
    1667 days ago
    It sure does look like a flying saucer! Cool!!

    1667 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    Aaahh, now I get it! So cool!

    You go "Glow Getter" girl!
    1667 days ago
    Can't wait to hear that you've committed to 9 months of anticipation of a major, major goal! Well, wait. I shouldn't assume. This must be your well-considered decision.

    Very impressive active "rest day", Barb! That's the way to live.

    I guess I'm gadget-deprived. I do have a Polar F4 heart rate monitor that never seemed accurate. (Keeps saying my heart rate is 190-220, when I'm not even out of breath.) And I do have my Garmin for runs that gives me pace and distance, but is only very rough on calories for major workouts. Don't know that I need more, but I am curious and appreciate you sharing your experience.

    Take care, Barb. I'm excited for you even at the prospect of deciding about the Olympic-distance tri. WOW!!
    1667 days ago
    That's very cool indeed!! You do more in a "non exercise" day than most people going flat out.

    Let me guess that you will be giving very serious consideration to that early bird discount!!
    1667 days ago
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