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Off to the races, attempt 2

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ok, one of my gripes about the iPad is that it dumped the blog I was in the middle of. Oops.

Anyway, yesterday I ran a 8.4 miler with my little Henry in the buggy. It included a 750 ft climb, which was a bit of a smoker. So, I was planning on taking it easy today and do a 4-5 miler at a slowish pace. That was the plan at least...

As I was waiting for the Garmin to find enough satellites, two of my colleagues popped out, getting ready to run. I run alone most of the time, but I do like to run with others so I joined them. Both are 5+ years younger and one (Brad) is in better shape/faster. We picked a route then took off with Brad setting the pace. We did the first mile in just under 7:30 and were at 15 when we hit the two mile mark. Eric and I were about to mutiny, so Brad slowed the pace a bit. We detoured down to the Hudson River and up a trail on the way back. We ended up doing 4.5 in just under 36 min, so just under 8 min miles on average.

Brad seemed to slow on the hill. I learned later that he isn't a strong hill runner. I can't beat him on the flats, but I began to wonder if I could beat him on hills? Running hills, with and without the buggy, has helped me improve my hill running. Hmmm... I will keep running and maybe get a chance to challenge him on a hill run.

It feels good to be running hard and training again. My Achilles injury in May was a real bummer. I am still hesitant to push too hard or far, still building back speed and strength.

Unrelated item 1: my DW was talking to Elizabeth, who turns 3 in Nov. Elizabeth was being ridiculous, and Jillsaid, "what are you, two?" To which EliZabeth said, "I AM two, look at me, I'm two!" Kinda funny.

Unrelated item 2: we have been trying to adopt a cat (or two) and just got approved by the cat rescue agency to adopt two of their cats. They are long haired cats, Maine coons, a sister and brother. Their names are currently Oscar and Ruby, but our kinds are renaming them Misty and Mudge. We have been getting cat supplies and paraphernalia in the mean time. This weekend, my project was setting up a cat climbing area on our wall using shelves from Ikea. Here is the result:

Jill posted that to her FB page and her uncle responded with this:

We get the cats in a week. The big kids are excited, hopefully the smaller ones will be too.

Unrelated item 3: congrats to my SIL finishing her second full ironman (Tahoe) this weekend!
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