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Why I have a Crush on My Smart Phone GPS

Monday, September 23, 2013

I did not really want a smart phone. I saw no need for it. I had a cell, A computer at work, a netbook at home, and an Ipod touch that if needed, would let me browse Facebook away from home as long as there was free wifi available.
Upgrade time came and my boyfriend I decided to go on a shared plan.
I ended up with a smartphone by default.
Ok. Why not.

I still think I could live without it, but it is convenient. My friend Wulf refers to them as "those pocket computers you all call phones"

On a whim, I downloaded RunKeeper to my phone while training for my first 5k.
I figured I would be doing some of my training outdoors when possible. Not all of it the pre-measured park track. I decided I would use it now and then to get an idea of the distance on some of the routes I walk/run.

Okay, how did I live without this??? I went from now and then to Every time! It has been a fantastic aid in tracking my workouts. It helps me know my pace, time, and distance. Guessing no longer seems good enough, now I know. I know when I need to pick up the pace, I know how long this last sprint was. I know how far I have come and if I need to double back again a bit to meet my distance goal! I know longer under or over estimate my Spark Fitness tracking because my smart phone GPS tells me the truth (or close enough).
It's not the program in particular that is so amazing, I would probably be almost as happy with any of them.
I can't stop, even if I take a short walk on my lunch break it goes with me.

I really do love my GPS!
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