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Monday, September 23, 2013

I have lost a LOT of weight, and most people I know are supportive and proud of me for reaching my goal. Today someone told me I need to regain at least 10 pounds because I look "sick".... um, really? I don't think so, and no one else seems to think so. I don't know where that came from, but for some reason it bothered me. I did regain about 5 pounds from my lowest weight, and I am happy where I am. I guess I should ignore this and move on, but for whatever reason it is sticking in my craw. I think part of it is fear that maybe I do look too thin. I couldn't see the reality of my physical self when I was morbidly obese, so maybe I can't see reality now that I am thinner? I noticed yesterday that I still don't really look at myself in mirrors, so I am going primarily on how I feel, how my clothes fit and the scale. There is also yesterday's hypothermia... maybe that was still noticeable today? Sigh. I have no answers.

On a happier note I had a lovely, active day. (Day 734 of my fitness streak.) Went kayaking for over 2.5 hours this morning on the Buffalo River. I was very happy to be paddling my own boat again. Came home, stopped by the Post Office to pick up a package, then went for a fast run. And I do mean fast! It only took me 11 minutes to do my 1.5 mile loop. I haven't been out for a run in about 3 weeks, so I figured a short run would be good. I didn't realize it would take so little time. LOL. emoticon After my run I took the dog out for a 40 minute walk and did a little yoga and stretching. Plus I did a little ST. It all felt really good!

Now I am going to make a big pot of beef stew, then a batch of muffins. I consumed a lot of calories at breakfast and lunch, but I am probably going to stay within range today anyways. And I already burned off all those calories, so I need to eat more to fuel the rest of my day.
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    Some people say things like that because they are jealous. Other times they may say it because you did lose a lot of weight and they aren't used to seeing you thin. I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like you had a very active day.
    1671 days ago
    You should do the no-happy-pants-dance for her and see how she likes that! I swear if I had a hankering for mass quantities of alcohol and a camera, we would all know what that dance looks like and we would all just hang our heads in shame and let the image retreat and not burn our retinas!!

    Be careful with the hyperthermia. It's way too early for all that mess up there!
    1672 days ago
    You look great - healthy and active. I hope you don't let that person rent space in your head too much longer.
    1672 days ago
    Steady weight is a sign of good health. Weight loss is often an indicator of serious illness.

    Just think of how hard you've had to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to lose this much weight and you might discover that nothing about their comment was insulting.

    (Weight loss can be absolutely terrifying to see in another person, and my first reaction in seeing it in men is that they must be dying of AIDS. I've just seen it so many damn times, it is the first place my heart goes.)

    Also, more proof that this journey is for you and not about what anyone else thinks!
    1672 days ago
    Go with how good YOU FEEL!!! Woo Hoo! Look at how strong you are ~ What a great time for your run. Your stew and muffins sound so good. It is one of the beatiful things about fall. I made lentil soup yesterday and plan to make bran muffins today. Enjoy!
    1672 days ago
    You are such an inspiration to me!
    1672 days ago
    glad you are feeling better today- and look at you go- must have some of those wings on your shoes emoticon . Don't pay much heed to the 'comment' - unless it came from someone whose opinion you trust, who has journeyed with you through the ups and downs of weight loss, or has a personal stake in your health and happiness is it really important? My guess it came from someone who hasn't seen you in a while and probably is feeling convicted by your success and energy. You don't preach healthy living- you live it!
    1673 days ago
    You're doing great!
    1673 days ago
  • GEMSTONE1952
    If you feel comfortable with your weight and you are feeling healthy and your Medical Provider is also comfortable with it, than don't worry about what anyone else says.
    1673 days ago
    Many people feel uncomfortable with change and they feel a need to stop it or put it back. Sounds like it is their problem not yours. Great blog
    1673 days ago
    If you are happy with your size and fitness and your Doc is on board too, you should just chalk the comment up to that persons issue. emoticon
    1673 days ago
    are you at a healthy weight for your heighth? if so, than i don't think you have anything to worry about. skinny/thin people can have as much trouble as obese people. i witnessed it with one friend and i have read about it in various places. people see someone skinny and say, wow, you're really skinny. it's the same as saying, wow, you're really fat or looking at a fat person. most people won't make remarks to a fat person, but they have no problem saying something to a skinny person. for a lot of people, being skinny is the same as being fat. where one can't lose weight, the other can't gain. it sure would be nice if people quit judging one another and kept their comments to themselves. sorry that happened to you.
    1673 days ago
    A couple of years ago, after I'd lost about 100 pounds, one of my fellow nurses was telling me how great I looked. Then, he hesitated, and asked, "Er, you aren't sick, are you?" (No)
    1673 days ago
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