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Round 2 or CLX/Insanity hybrid (plus RANTING!!!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

I haven't fully decided if I should start round 2 of Insanity. I was thinking of doing another round of Insanity, instead of the CLX/Insanity hybrid. I had lunch with a co-parent today and she said I looked fitter but when she asked how the dress for the wedding I was going to early in October...I felt challenged. She said "oh I guess you will wear something with sleeves".....Hmm... Got insulted that my workout didn't seem to be paying off so I began doing day 1 of Fit Test today. Since I still have a bit of cough, I was coughing like crazy more than half way thru my workout.

My suicide jumps were half of what I did before. Somehow it felt challenging for that move.

Good thing she was a good friend so I didn't feel as offended as I normally would. After saying that comment, she said you look good though. Then when we were leaving, I said I still have ways to go in losing weight. Then she said, we are just the same size....hmmm... She hasn't done any workout since we stopped walking together months ago. And I must admit, my hips are a LOT bigger than hers but her stomach is bigger than mine. Grrrrr..... I told my husband then he said...well she didn't exactly say anything insulting.
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    I'll never forget my non-mother-in-law (upon my weight loss being brought to her attention), telling me "it's so great that your doing something about IT" , WTF?, and then proceed to tell me that she wanted to loose weight cause she was getting so fat ( at that point we were about same size), but she COULDN'T cause she was soo busy with work etc that she couldn't. Cause I wasnt? Really? I wanted so bad to say "your not fat, just ugly, and your right, you CAN'T fix THAT! Luckily we where interrupted.

    I think sometimes peoples good intentions get derailed by their own insecurities. And sometimes our insecurities cause us to misinterpret others meanings/actions.

    I totally understand the feeling challenged to fit the dress. Whether she meant to or not doesn't matter, the challenge was made! You can and will show her! And I fully expect pics!!
    1667 days ago
  • JOURNEY1986
    Those little comparison comments annoy the heck out of me! "we're just the same size" comment she made - like that matters? I've gotten a, "well good for you (for staying on a program) - I've never been able to so good for you" and although I know they mean it as a compliment I just think, "who cares what you can and can't do, it's no relation to what I can and can't do!" Does that mean that if they could do it it wouldn't be as good of an accomplishment? Does this mean that if you were smaller than your friend you could stop being active and healthy because you're the same size? Ugh - they get to me!

    I vote that you do whatever is going to make YOU feel good. If you loved Insanity, do another round! Or - since you are in the control - why not do the first month of Insanity and then adopt a hybrid schedule? Or just add in some arm workouts after the Insanity workout to get toned arms if that is a problem area you want to focus on? Create your own calendar with the workouts you want emoticon
    1667 days ago
    Wasn't exactly a compliment either. Keep working at it and you'll get where you want to be.
    1668 days ago
    I too started an Insanity/CLX program yesterday. And I am recovering from a bad chest infection/sinus infection. I tried one suicide jump and the pressure was too much. So I ended up skipping those on the fit test!
    1668 days ago
    Sometimes people who are jealous of your progress throw little barbs. Don't let that bother you, decide what is best for you and which workouts work the parts of your body that you want to improve. Personally, I love Insanity and it has worked wonders for my whole body. Be careful getting over the cold - only do what you can - your body will tell you. Work back into it . From the pics you've posted, you look great !
    1668 days ago
    I support you fully if you decide to go back to insanity because I too feel the need to go back so today what I did was begin month 2 workouts and if for some reason my schedule don't allow for the longer month 2 workouts I'll just do one from month 1.
    I wish you luck in everything you decide to take on. You are a very self motivated woman. emoticon
    1668 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    I wouldn't take to heart what she said (I know it's hard not to though). I think she may have said those things cause she DID notice how great you look and she felt insecure about you looking great and her looking the same. Just my opinion.

    I know lots of people who did several rounds of Insanity because they truly enjoyed it. If you absolutely loved Insanity, I say do another round. However, if you felt a burned out at all during the 2nd month, I say do the hybrid for some variety. The strength from CLX will really tone you up while the cardio from Insanity will help burn more calories. Win win!

    You are doing great and you are going to look fabulous for the event in October! emoticon emoticon
    1669 days ago
    1669 days ago
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