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I felt foolish...sometimes that's good for me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I'd had a phenomenal ride up the Union Canal Trail that had left my knees pretty sore. In fact, that soreness grew over the next couple of weeks and I pretty much put the bike up. I was just getting ready to get a doctor involved in my knee pain when I noticed that my feet weren't quite righth in relation to the floor. I pronate moderately (walk on the outside of my heels). Ususally I notice when my shoes are starting to wear and need replacing, but these gave out under the insert I wear to provide arthritis relief and I couldn't see it. Well, a new pair of kicks and I'm as good as I get.

It immediately reminded of one of the first principles of statisitical analysis...correlation does not equal causation. Just because my pain started when I completed that deliciously difficult ride, doesn't meant that caused the pain. I got the bike out Saturday and rode out a sections of the Thun Trail I haven't visited previously and got up to 11 miles. That was hard. I've hardly ridden in the last three weeks and it showed. But I'm back.

Note to self: When knee pain gets bad, check you shoes.
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