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Monday, September 23, 2013

OK, I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a slave to fashion, but there are a few things about style that I just don't get. Watching Project Runway hasn't helped; in fact, I'm even more confused when I see the models parading down the runway.

First of all, why in the world do designers let the zipper show at the back of a dress? Is it gauche to cover the zipper tracks? Who wants to see a zipper anyway? Not me.

Then, when did women quit wearing hosiery? I know that panty hose are hot and a pain, but my legs are not ready for public display in the buff. Not to mention that not wearing stockings makes your insoles get all messed up. It also leads to stinking shoes. I can see going bare with sandals or flip-flops, but I'll be wearing knee-highs, at least, when I meet my maker!

Along with that is shoe style that I can't stand. When I put on a pair of flats or heels, I want my toe crack covered up. Some people say that a shoe that exposes your toe crack is sexy, but I'm leaving that for people with foot fetishes. Not for me, thank you.

Next is skirt or dress length. I heard one of the designers on Project Runway say that a hemline should never drop below the lowest part of your knee-cap. Really? I'm 66 years old and not too comfortable with a short skirt playing peek-a-boo with my new knee that looks like it has a zipper in it. Plus, a hemline that high would reveal my knee-highs! Or do they even make knee-highs any more? I usually wear slacks, but I do keep a couple of dresses for church or a wedding.

I can acknowledge that plus sizes are getting lots better, but why in the world do they put a cartoon or some abstract design with lots of glitter on a plus size top? I have a T-shirt that has Tweety Bird on it. It was the only character I liked among the others in the collection. WalMart is getting better, but it's pretty heavy handed with glittery stuff.

These are just a few of my bewilderments about fashion. I know you must have them too or even some plausible reason why a toe crack is sexy. Please fill me in.

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    I am so with you on you! Shall we picket emoticon ?
    2761 days ago
    I often give up and don't even know HOW to shop for the body I live in. Can't wear sweats to school but might if I could get away with it. My worst clothing story is going into a Lane Bryant store when I weighed about what I do now - but a hundred years (or maybe 30-40 years ago) and asked about some underwear that was not WHITE COTTON - they brought me out a pair of cotton panties with tiny blue, yellow, or pink flowers on them - I took one look and told them I was FAT, NOT 6 years old or younger. I had just bought a pair just like them for my step daughter who was in kindergarten. I suggested I was FAT but definitely NOT dead yet and was not a child. I had something black or red, made of silk and lace - not FUNCTIONAL COTTON. I have nothing against white cotton (even wear it on occasion) BUT this was a LONG TIME AGO and I was NOT 63 - more like 33 - at least there are more options now than there were back then - NOBODY wears stuff from Project Runway in their REAL lives, but some of the designs are interesting.
    2761 days ago
    I actually wrote Woman Within plus sized "fashions"...with complaints, after returning almost everything but T-shirts... I asked "why can't you use a plus sized model to model the "plus sized" clothes... They use a size 8 girl to show things for 3-5 X ladies. It looks cute in the catalog and like a tent on me...sizing is truly awful!"...can we say ugly?

    I am 60....and find nothing attractive about bellies showing, piercings anywhere but one per ear, tattoos, and trashy wear...I have said before...if my kid looked like some of these...going out of the house, they wouldn't get back in! Oh well...progress is not progress in some areas...IMHO... emoticon
    2762 days ago
    so glad to know that I'm not the only one who has trouble getting dressed. I prefer tasteful , clean and paid for over "trendy", my skirt length falls somewhere around mid-calf, and I cover all my cracks (cleavage, toe and butt). Fortunately my girls, while more trendy than I, are still quite modest in their choices too
    2762 days ago
    I too wondered about what they think when they put that stuff on plus size or even stripes that go around instead of up and down. the ones that go around make you look even bigger. I stay away from them. I wish that they made nice shirts that you don't have to have a character on it. But I do like Pooh but sometimes I just like it plain. Guess they don't know what women want and make it for younger women. I just want a nice plain top that is long enough that when I bend over I don't show other parts of my body.
    2762 days ago
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