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I'm torn between wanting to go to bed and get away from the hungry... or staying up and watch the S

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am having a good day *just barely*. I am 41 calories below my upper limit for the day. In other words... no more food tonight! I think it's sort of inaccurate to say it has been a "good" day. I seem to have spread my calories all wrong and left myself starving tonight. Definitely gotta learn a lesson from this evening's hungry to not end up this way again.

Exercise it was a good day, though. The Buddy and I had a great walk at this park this morning. We walked 26 minutes, which is a HUGE amount of time for me. So yay! And starting out with some exercise has made me much more determined to eat well today, in spite of my poor food planning for the day.

Exercise tomorrow is going to ROCK! A fellow Sparker mentioned an app called Zombie, Run! and I decided to look it up. It's a 5K training program, but it uses your workout time to tell a story, with you as the hero, escaping zombies. It also mixes in your own playlist. I downloaded the app this evening and gave it a few second test to be sure it works right, and it's awesome! I can't wait to get up and walk in the morning and hear the first installment of my zombie story! The first workout is half an hour long, so I'm sure I won't be able to complete the whole thing, but I'll do as much as I can.

Also, tomorrow is my first OA meeting. I'm starting to get cold feet about it. It sounds like a great idea, in theory... but I'm wondering what would happen to my anxiety if I was expected to speak to the group, to introduce myself or whatever. If it's a small group, I might be okay... and then again, I might lock up and flip my nut. I can never accurately gauge how I'm going to react in situations like that until it's too late to un-do them if they don't work out well. {See: Nuclear meltdown while attempting to see the Nutcracker in a theater downtown.} I really do want to go, and I'm leaning toward taking my chances... but we will see when the times comes.

ALSO tomorrow... wow, tomorrow is a busy day... I'm seeing my psychiatrist. That's not very interesting, though. Just go in and have the same conversation with the psych that I have every 3 months, get my scripts, and go. Or at least I HOPE that's how it will work. I'm always just a bit nervous that she's just gonna decide not to give me my meds anymore and tell me to deal with it. I know that's unlikely, but I can't help entertaining the notion. If things go as they should, I will be in and out in 10 minutes. {Although she has a serious penchant for leaving me sitting in the waiting room for hours. Literally, hours.}

The game is not looking good for my boys, so I think I'm just gonna take my meds and go to bed. Between hunger and this damn headache, I'm ready to be done with the day.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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    You're already improving- you just learned to spread your calories out a bit more over the day.
    1732 days ago
    after reading this and your newer blog, i downloaded Zombie, Run. I'm excited to go walk and see how the story unfolds!

    As for OA, I've not been to a meeting, but a former boss of mine (who looks like a Barbie doll now) is a hardcore pusher of OA. She used to be over 300# and lost over half her body weight with the help of OA. She still goes to local meetings regularly for the support. My thoughts is that if you can find a good group that your comfortable with, then by all means go for it. But you shouldn't ever feel pressured to speak in a support group. That's also what SP is for - you can get support here with relative anonymity.

    If you ever want to unload, blog away! Or send me an email. I'm looking for a 'buddy' to help keep me accountable.
    1732 days ago
  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    I'm dying to hear about this Zombie app! That might be something that would help when I have to be on my treadmill at home instead of at the gym with my workout buddy.

    I hope today went well... let us know!

    1732 days ago
    I've been to OA meetings and they are awesome. You might get asked to share or introduce yourself, but if you don't feel up to it, just say thanks but no thanks. Everyone there has been that person at some point!

    I try to save an ounce of almonds and a half cup of grapes for the post-dinner dessert snack, as the protein/fiber of the almonds gives satiation. And I have a teeny little shot glass I use to hold almonds, so that I feel like I"m getting a full snack! Putting small portions in big bowls or plates is guaranteed to make your brain feel ripped off.

    That's becuase I read a recent study that showed that using the plates and bowls our grandparents did (size wise) cuts down 20% of how much people ate when they had access to an unlimited buffet. Apparently the eyes and brain want a full plate!
    1733 days ago
    For your first time I should mention that you probably want to choose the option to turn off zombie chases. Once you are moving better it adds to the workout but don't do it the first few times because more likely than not the zombies will catch you and you'll drop the items you've collected. I only turn them on when I want to up my game a bit so you aren't missing out to turn them off.
    1733 days ago
    I usually consider a good nights sleep like hitting the reset button. Hope you feel better soon! emoticon
    1733 days ago
    funny you should mention the Zombie app thing... I am thinking that might be my excuse to FINALLY get a Smartphone... I have been holding out for a long time, but that is almost a deal breaker~
    1733 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Sounds like you had a good day, awesome! I truly hope your OA goes well for you!! Our weekend was a blast. You and your DH would really have had fun. Get a good nights sleep and stay in bed-except to go straight to the bathroom and back to bed LOL.
    1733 days ago
    Let me tell you about the ____ Anonymous groups! They expect you to have a meltdown!!! It's TOTALLY cool! They expect that you won't talk. They expect that you'll talk too much. They expect you to come 8 times in a row & never talk! They expect you to talk every time. There are NO expectations!!!! Seriously! NONE! Be yourself & listen. They will just be happy you are there! I'm so proud of you. BE WHO YOU ARE & you'll do great! I love you.
    1733 days ago
    when I get the hungries at bedtime and I am strong, I chew gum - I have all kinds of different flavours :)

    on the OA front they will never make you talk - these groups totally get anxiety so far as I have heard - all the 'a's :)

    sounds like a busy day, and the Zombie run sounds great - you can download it? I gotta check that out, sounds totally fun and a great way to mix it up - I'm obsessed with Star Talk Radio podcasts but some variety would be great!

    feel better! nice new background too...
    1733 days ago
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