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Thoughts on overeating

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yep. I still do it. I have scheduled cheat days usually every weekend as part of my maintenance plan, but that's not what I am talking about. To me, a cheat day is having a bit more calories and carbs than I normally eat, but still making conscientious and reasonably healthy food choices.

This is what I ate on Saturday, September 21:

Ezekial 4:9 Low Sodium Bread (1 Slice), 1 serving 80 15 1 4
Smart Balance Chunky Natural Peanut Butter, 1 tbsp 100 3 9 4
Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 2 cup (8 fl oz) 4 0 0 1
Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Squares (4 squares), 0.5 serving 110 12 9 1
Coffeemate Natural Bliss - Vanilla, 1 tbsp 35 5 2 0
Smucker's Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread, 0.5 tbsp 20 6 0 0
Grapes, 1 cup, seedless 62 16 0 1
Cantaloupe, 1 cup, diced 55 13 0 1
Jalapeno Peppers, 10 pepper 42 8 1 2
Daisy Light Sour Cream, 4 tbsp 80 4 5 4
Ketchup, Heinz, 6 tbsp 120 24 0 0
Kraft Sweet and Sour Sauce, 6 tbsp 180 39 0 0
Ghirardelli 60% Dark Chocolate with Caramel (3 Squares), 1 serving 220 25 15 0
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat bread, 1 serving 50 10 1 4
Red Wine, 3 glass (3.5 fl oz) 262 8 0 0
Weight Watchers - Mexican Style Shredded Cheese, 1 serving 80 0 5 7
Baked String Fries, 1 serving 140 22 5 2
Italian Rose Fresh Salsa, 10 tbsp 50 10 0 0
Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies, 0.5 serving 50 9 2 1
Dry Roasted Peanuts - No Salt, 3 oz 480 18 42 21
Smart Balance Chunky Natural Peanut Butter, 1 tbsp 100 3 9 4
PERDUE Crispy Chicken Strips(2pc.), 2 serving 340 26 18 36
Italian Rose Mango Salsa, 6 serving 120 30 0 0
XOCHiTL Mexican Style Tortilla Chips - NO SALT 1oz (28g), 4 serving 540 76 24 0
Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche Icecream Bar, 1 serving 120 19 5 2
Voskos Greek Yogurt - Wild Strawberry 5.3oz, 1 serving 120 18 0 12
Smucker's Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread, 1 tbsp 40 11 0 0
Weight Watchers Red Velvet Creme Cake, 2 serving 180 32 6 2

This is what mindless eating gets you...even after almost 5 years of 60 pound weight loss maintenance...almost 4000 calories, just shy of 500 carbs, and 5000 mg of Sodium. Some would say...blow it off, it was a cheat day. And to a point, I would agree. But I know, and you know, that too many so called cheat days like this will put me right back where I was 6 years ago...size 14-16 and miserable. I also know that this is a symptom of a bigger problem...and there is more exploring I need to do in the psyche of CAROLISCIOUS to figure out why I would eat like I just got voted off the Island. It was a busy week, but I wasn't in any particularly over-stressed state. It wasn't a holiday. I wasn't bored. I wasn't angry. I was happy. It was a nice, rainy Saturday where I had nothing to do but my regular weekend chores, play around with the new Spark Activity Tracker, read, and rest. I just plain wanted to eat for the sheer joy and comfort of it...and so I did...completely mindlessly.

So where am I going with this? I've written it down in my tracker. I've looked at it, acknowledged it, and owned it. I know that a few good eating days will negate any resulting water retention and weight gain. I've already started that recovery process today. So what does it matter? Why should I track it and, worse yet, embarrass myself by publically blogging about it?

The truth is, this is happening more often that I care to publically admit. It is past time for me to come clean and stop ignoring that it is occurring. This is step one.
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  • CYND59
    It is a good thing that you realize the way you eat and want to change. Take it from someone that lost 80 pounds and kept it off for a year and then started letting things get in the way and I gained 40 back. It is so much harder to get rid of these 40 pounds. I am determined to get them off and keep them off for good

    You are my inspiration. Like Your Background says: You Are In Control. You Can Overcome This!
    1664 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    You certainly don't want to gain back that awful 60# and look 15 yrs. older. Glad you are working on this.

    I'm going to be 64 next month and I have so many people from my age group who have died already, that I just think about how happy they would be to live this day if they only could, so I tell myself to be HAPPY and not turn to food because I know it is a FAILURE. I know if I could go back and live my life over again, I'd do things so differently, and so I got thinking about that, and told myself that NOW is when I have to change, so at the end of my life I can look back to this point and say "Oh, you did do it right and not be LAZY or irresponsible or give into basic wants." It is one day at a time.
    1665 days ago
    Yeah I agree about being accountable. And I expect that by being willing to write about it you will also deal with it.

    That was also interesting to me that you were not stressed, bored etc. You just ate. Most interesting.

    The other thing that really surprised me is the stuff you ate added up to that many calories. It just did not read like that much food by volume. I am still learning. Obviously I still need to pay attention too. I suspect that the kicker was so many processed things. Somewhere between tons of salad day after day and sneaky little tidbits lies a healthy diet. Too much salad and I have to bust out. I guess the secret is to eat other healthy filling foods.
    1670 days ago
    First off, I'm glad you shared this information, and I appreciate it.

    That having been said, there's a lot of processed food here. Brand names galore. I am with you on watching and on convenience. I am with you on scraping away the calories any way we can. And I am with you on time being at a premium.

    Except this was a day when time apparently was not at a premium, yes? You were bored, as you admit. And I know I turn to eating when I'm bored, too. It's as if it's our go-to entertainment choice, and that's absurd, but there it is. Plus being shut in at home can be a trigger.

    Maybe those shut in at home days should start to turn into cooking days. Nothing has to be fancy. It can just be chopped stuff going into the slow cooker. And yes, you'll get aromas and they can make you hungry. So you might need to combine this with also getting out of the house, for any reason at all. Movie? Mall? Visit a friend? Errands? Hell, just get the car serviced.

    But it looks, to me, like a few things came together as a perfect storm.
    1) Shut in the house
    2) Overly processed choices in the house. A peach for a square of chocolate might not have saved much on calories but it would have been larger and potentially more satisfying, and might have given you a means of resisting the red velvet cake that topped off the day.
    3) Boredom
    4) Unstructured time
    5) Being alone?

    As we both - all - know - owning up to it is a great step. But knowledge is nothing without doing something about it. With ya, of course.
    1671 days ago
  • KANOE10
    By sharing this, you are making yourself accountable and ready to look at how to handle your problem. Good luck on your recovery process. Maintenance is not easy and we all go through cycles where we need to get motivated. You have done so well in keeping 60 pounds off for 5 years.
    I keep telling myself old habits will bring old results. New habits bring new results. I am going for the new habits.
    emoticon emoticon
    1671 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/24/2013 7:32:25 AM
    Girl! ...and that's why I love your Spark Spirit.
    The truth of it all IS...we can "cheat" or whatever people choose to call it.

    Even does matter.
    We can build it in...but when we do just too much or for too long we are not let off the hook.
    It will tell on you...eventually.
    It will SHOW UP in some form...given enough time.

    Turn your back on it long enough a person might THINK they can out exercise nothing but A LIE. (not saying that's what you're doing...just sharing my own personal struggle with this)

    Thank you for keeping it real.
    I was counting the chocolate squares...they sound like they are the devil. lol

    I am still fighting a mighty battle. Nothing short of A BATTLE.
    Battling the hell out of regained weight. It is miserable...but I am worth it to regain where I was and KEEP GOING.

    I have to this point even maintaining and not gaining is an improvement for where my head is right now.

    At the root of my slow progress is MY FOOD INTAKE...plain and simple.
    I love being active...not a problem.
    But overeating just a little. Dipping in the preverbial cookie jar contributes to SLOW or in some cases no progress in the right direction. I think after it is all said and done I will be able to write a book on it. I certain am the dipper and dabbler QUEEN.

    Keep up the good work.
    THANK YOU for being honest...showing you are human and that the finish line is more accurately put... a lifetime.
    1671 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2013 4:26:55 PM
    emoticon It was brave of you to share this. emoticon emoticon
    1671 days ago
    1672 days ago
    wow---I'm sure if any of us were completely honest; our list would look like yours!
    Did you have enough water---or was that on a separate tracker?
    I have been trying (!) to have water first....before eating something....
    In our weather (still hot) I think thirsty first!
    Good of you to post this completely honest evaluation.....striving to do the same! emoticon

    1672 days ago
    I hear you loud and clear. I go through periods like this myself and I don't like it one bit. I am much happier with myself when I am in control of what I'm eating.... rather than my eating being in control of me. You are taking a step in the right direction.

    1672 days ago
    Kuddos to you for putting it out there and taking step one. A step in the right direction if I do say so myself.
    1672 days ago
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