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Arguments and the Uncomfortable Couch

Sunday, September 22, 2013

So, last night, my husband and I had an argument. We don't often have arguments. I am always amazed at how often I see other couples arguing. I figure their lives must be pretty miserable, with all that conflict and yelling and crap.

At any rate, we had one of our rare arguments last night. There was NO way I was going to sleep in the same bed as him. Truly, I was furious. If he had stood closer to me, I would have kicked him in the shins. I was the kind of mad that my mom used to torment us with. She'd get really quiet and weird. People who didn't know her so well, wouldn't realize she was mad, but me and my siblings knew not to get close enough to her that she could accurately throw something at our heads...or kick our shins. (Yes, my mother would often kick our shins under the table if we did something wrong at dinner. She would also flick our ears, quickly, while nobody was looking, if we did something she found to be unacceptable. She still does these things, if you let her get close enough to you.)

So, I was doing my mom impression, stewing away. I decided to make a bed for myself on the couch. Now, our couch is not the most comfortable couch in the world. In fact, it's a cheap piece of crap. I would have bought a more expensive and comfortable one...but my husband is stereotypically Scottish. He will buy a cheap piece of crap to save money...even though he's going to have to replace that cheap piece of crap later, and thus end up spending MORE money. Usually, I deal with this by letting him figure this out for himself. He always admits that I was right about buying something that won't break...but the next time we have to buy something expensive, he goes for the cheap piece of crap again.

There I was, settling down to sleep on my not-at-all-comfortable couch, to sleep...without my husband...without my dogs...without my husband's white noise machine that makes me feel like I'm sleeping in the cargo compartment of a DC-9.

(That's a DC-9 for those of you who didn't know.)

It was just me, my quilt that I just pulled out of storage, my pillow, and a delightful lack of humans and animals crowding me out of my bed.

You know what?

I slept better last night, on that crappy little couch, than I have slept in MONTHS...maybe YEARS.

I woke up this morning to the strange little chirps of our local hummingbird, feeding at the flowers that grow outside the window, directly next to where my head was resting. It was like a gawd dammed Disney movie.

Today, I will be meditating on the implications of this beautiful, restful experience.

What I know for sure, my husband better get his apologies and humble pie together...because that couch, the snuggy quilt, and the magical woodland creatures could become a serious habit for me otherwise.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The truly hilarious thing about my husband, is that he looks at all the quality reports and reviews on items for DAYS before agreeing to buy something...and then he ignores the warnings on those reviews about buying cheap products...and buys the cheap products.


    For the record, he's still sleeping. Eleven AM and the little darling sees no reason at all to get up. Must be nice to be a man!
    1702 days ago
    Oh dear... I sooooo see myself in your "stereotypically Scottish" husband... I have to fight with that impulse all the time! Although, I have to admit, I'm more likely to just not buy something at all. If I absolutely must buy something, then I'll get the best "value for the money", which usually does work out to be high quality / higher priced (mostly because that means that I don't have to shop again for much, much longer!).

    Sorry to hear about the argument, but glad that you had such a good sleep! Hope Hubby has gotten his head back on straight and has enough sense to come grovelling back in to your good books.

    Oh, and the novelty and Disneyishness (?!) wears off pretty flippin' quickly when you get woken up by those malicious little woodland creatures before dawn every day. After a few days, you can see their nasty little smirks when you open the window to scream at them to shut the %^& up - people are trying to sleep here!

    Take care!
    1702 days ago
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