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Doing This For Me,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I have a question for you? Are you doing this for you?
Or are you getting healthy for someone else?
Maybe a boss or a loved one? It is not uncommon to do this for others.
I know I have tried to lose weight and keep it off for some one else before.
And needed up putting almost all of it and then some back on.
I didn't do it for me. And I didn't get rid of the negative/your no good thoughts.
I kept eating and getting depressed. And a little bit heavier along the way.
Well, no more! Today I am planning on taking my control/life back.
And I am going to do this for me! I love my family and all but I want this for myself!
I want to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. Don't worry about the scale.
It is not the number that matters. It is what is healthy and best for you.
Which is what I am trying to live by! To get healthy for God, Family, and most importantly myself. So, I am going to be making some hard decisions. Like taking a break from my Cats group until I can get myself back together. (Need a break guys.) I will most likely come back to the 5% Community next if I can. And another thing is not eating a lot of junk my grandmother sends over. I love her to death but all that fried and butter milk pie is not good for me. Or my mom is a pre-diabetic. I tried in the past to eat if so I won't hurt her feelings. Yet, I know that I have to seriously cut back on it and not play with the exercise now. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 18 average. Yahoo! Not 135 pounds yet but I am working on it. (I weighed 167.4 yesterday. Which is getting much better). I am also starting to learn to love fruits and vegetables. I didn't when I was younger. Yet, cut up sweet potato in the oven is not bad. And mom found a way to get me to eat my brussel sprouts. Cook it in a pan with oil, bacon, and sun dried tomatoes. It is so good!
And for the parents/grands/ and guardians with picky eaters. Blend up the veggies and hide it in meat loaf, spaghetti ect. I heard that it works. Ok, the exercise: 15 minutes a few times a day is good if you don't have much time. I don't hate exercise it is ok. But, I do find myself tired or not wanting to do it sometimes. I need motivation in this area. And or a swift kick to get me going. (Will accept advice and swift kick when needed.) lol
Leslie Sansone DVDs are good for both beginners and experts. I love her Walk and Jog. And try to do that twice a week when possible. I will also keep with my yoga and Wii Walk It Out tape. And whatever challenges my groups have. I am in a new one called Crocheters: Hooked On Healthy. I am wanting to learn to crochet and be healthy at the same time. My mom is in that one and they sometimes do challenges along with it.
(Mom sent me an invite yesterday and I accepted.) I am also on Warriors in Pink. Been there a while but was asked to Co-Lead. Which I was honored to get.
Will be doing as much posting and monitoring as I can. In between keeping the house and dad's knee surgery on the 24th. He will be in the hospital for 3 days. And come home for about 2 or 3 months of physical therapy 3 times a day. A physical therapist will be coming to do his therapy one time. And mom will take over the other two times.
I am going to have to go for now. Got to make breakfast and do some house keeping.
Have a good day/afternoon my friend. Holly emoticon emoticon s
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