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Why Does it Feel Like it's Not Enough?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I screamed after weighing myself this morning! I couldn't help it... I've really kicked it up a notch for the past 2 weeks and it resulted in losing 1.2 pounds in that time. Really??!!

Despite losing another 6 inches total in the last month I find myself so irritated at the scale. I know it's silly but I just wanted to have lost 15 pounds by now.


*deep breath*

I'm not discouraged, I'm not going to quit. Actually my struggle right now is to keep myself from going off the other side of the deep end and overdoing it or starving myself, because I know that would be short-lived and disastrous. It's a matter of balance and not giving way to the CRAZY-A** thoughts in my head telling me that this is all for nothing and I'm never going to be able to do this. I have to remove myself from my own emotions and think of what I would tell someone else. I have to take my own advice.

I've come this far, I've seen changes, & I CAN do this. HEck, I AM doing this! The scale is not a measure of my worth. It may not even be an accurate measure of my efforts. Although honestly, I have a hard time believing that whole "muscle weighs more than fat tissue" thing. Scientifically, yeah okay... but does it REALLY factor in when you're over 200 lbs?? I just don't want to kid myself. I'd appreciate some insight on that one. But no matter what my body composition is right now, I'm exercising discipline and obedience to what is beneficial for me.

Why does it feel like it's not enough? Because I gave myself expectations. Realistic or not, I set myself up for this. Yeah, it sucks, but I still have a choice right now: I can let it take me down, or I can accept it and keep moving forward. I am SO over that whole starting over again and I'm NOT going down without a fight.

Stay strong! emoticon
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    Hang in there! It's very discouraging not to lose weight or lose a little, after all the hard work! A few weeks ago happened to me also! 2 whole weeks without losing a single pound after doing 5/6 hours cardio per week and tracking all my food! Then I relaxed a little and 3 pounds lost at once. Our body is a mystery! Now it's like that for me I got used to this cycle 2 weeks in a row I lose nothing and the third week lose 2/3 pounds at once! It's rewarding to lose little each week but it's also great to lose 3 pounds at once It's very motivating! Keep pushing and don't ever give up you are not alone in this! emoticon
    2039 days ago
    You are awesome, and when the scale isn't showing off our hard work it gets discouraging! What I do (and easier said than done) is focus on the things I can control. I can control what I eat, how often I exercise, and remind myself to keep my head in the game. I am struggling about the last 9 or so days, so it may seem like I don't know anything LOL, but when I am on top of my game I focus on the habits and things fall into place. And the scale will pull its head out of it's butt and reward you eventually, I promise. emoticon
    2040 days ago
  • ADF1981
    I totally understand this. Sometimes it makes no sense. I can be super consistent with my calories and exercise and then weigh and get inconsistent results. It's like I want to scream at the scale and say I ate right, walked everyday, so why can't you just lose the 2 lbs a week LOL.

    Hang in there! Starting over again sucks. I remind myself that even if it is slow that it is progress. And I get really irritated with the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing too. Just seems like even still the scale should change, but have been trying to move past that. After I weigh I have been trying on old clothes and that seems to have helped me with days when the scale doesn't show a big change.
    2040 days ago
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