1 month in doctor results...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I had my doctors visit on the 16th. According to his scales I only lost 10lbs for the month, but he's ecstatic with the weight loss. So much so we're putting off putting me on metformin. He wants me to continue on the diabetic diet and meet up again in mid-December. The day before my visit he wants me to come in and do some fasting blood work done so he can compare with what I gave him last month. So that would be 4 months on this diet. IF my fasting insulin comes down, ROCK ON! And he's also going to test my A1C levels. He wants to see if those numbers are also good on this diet. If both those numbers are good, no metformin for me! Just a diabetic diet for life. If those numbers aren't good, then he's going to try me on extended release metformin because of all the vomiting I do on regular metformin.

So, I'm turning into the little engine that could! :D
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