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Weigh-In 09.21.2013: Today I weigh 19........

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So the week before last and this week were both pretty hectic. Out a lot in the evenings. Ate out more than I have these past couple of months.

Because I'm so close to my weight goal, but still a good distance away from my bodyfat percentage goal, I've been upping the ante ST-wise.

I'm in a plum position in that the way I'm eating pretty much nixes any major weight gains. If I do start gaining slightly, as I did last week, I just go back to eating the same 10-15 foods a lot, as I did this week. The sugar cravings go down, the water retention stops, the weight comes off.

I'm finally starting to find how to off-set the hungries. Picture those two nephews in high-school/college who are into sports at the Thanksgiving dinner table. You wonder how they are under 300 pounds given how they eat. That's kind of me now.

08.03: (203.0@22)
08.10: (200.8@22)
08.17: (200.0@21)
08.24: (202.4@21)
08.31: (198.4@22) Below 200!!!!
09.07: (198.6@22)
09.14: (199.0@22)

09.21: (197.0@21)

- Down 2 pounds
- Body fat percentage starting to reflect new class I've been taking (will blog about it soon)
- 2 pounds away from my weight goal!

**8 weeks
I think that it will take me about 8 weeks to get to 195. I've been losing weight at a rate of .8 pounds a week (2 weeks). I will almost indubitably hit a plateau at around 195.8 (3 weeks). There will be three weeks where my basic eating will slow down the actual numbers (Like the previous two weeks). That's 8 weeks. It's my best guess anyway.

I am not sabotaging my efforts or deliberately slowing them down. Burning fat and building muscle is really the main event in my life at this point.

That being said, I hope by the weekend before Thanksgiving to be at or below 195. Could be sooner could be later. Would be even happier if I could get a body fat reading of 19% or 20%.

Stay tuned!

-TD Out!
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