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International Rabbit Day

Saturday, September 21, 2013

International Rabbit Day

When : Fourth Saturday in September (see below)

International Rabbit Day seeks to protect rabbits as pets and in the wild. Animal rights groups and humane societies are active promoters of this special day. Their objectives are to promote healthy, caring environments for rabbits that are raised as pets, and those living in the wild. They also seek to stop the use of rabbit furs and the use of rabbit on restaurant menus.

Did you know? World-wide, rabbits are the third most popular pet, behind dogs and cats.

What's the right date? Looking at dozens of websites, there is no consensus on the proper date for this special day. Most sites state a date in the last several days of the month (depending upon the year), almost always on a Saturday or a Sunday. All roads on the net point to the "Rabbit Charity" in the UK, as creators of this day. But, their website is no longer up and running. It appears that the majority of sites refer to this day on the fourth Saturday of the month. Until we find the creators, we suggest you use the Fourth Saturday of September to celebrate International Rabbit Day.

Celebrate this special day with your pet rabbit. Learn a little more about him and how to properly care for his needs. If you don't have a pet, maybe today is the day to get a pet rabbit!

Origin of International Rabbit Day:
This event appears to have originated in the UK. It's popularity quickly multiplied (like rabbits!), spreading first to Australia, and then on to the rest of the world.

Most internet websites point to an organization called "Rabbit Charity" in the United Kingdom, as the originator of this special day. Unfortunately, the website for this group has gone dark, so we have been unable to contact them to find more information about the origin of this day.

This Day in History September 21st

Part of New York City is burned shortly after being occupied by British forces. (1776)

American Revolutionary War: Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point. (1780)

The National Convention declares France a republic and abolishes the monarchy. (1792)

The "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial is published in the New York Sun. (1897)

J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is published. (1937)

The Great Hurricane of 1938 makes landfall on Long Island in New York. The death toll is estimated at 500-700 people. (1938)

On the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Nazis send over 1,000 Jews of Pidhaytsi (west Ukraine) to Belzec extermination camp. (1942)

In Poland, at the end of Yom Kippur, Germans order Jews to permanently evacuate Konstantyn√≥w and move to the Ghetto in Biała Podlaska, established to assemble Jews from seven nearby towns, including Jan√≥w Podlaski, Rossosz and Terespol. (1942)

In Dunaivtsi, Ukraine, Nazis murder 2,588 Jews. (1942)

The B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight. (1942)

Maiden flight of the CH-47 Chinook transportation helicopter. (1961)

The North American XB-70 Valkyrie, the world's first Mach 3 bomber, makes its maiden flight from Palmdale, California. (1964)

Gambia, Maldives and Singapore are admitted as members of the United Nations. (1965)

Bahrain, Bhutan and Qatar join the United Nations. (1971)

A nuclear non-proliferation pact is signed by 15 countries, including the United States and the Soviet Union. (1977)

Sandra Day O'Connor is unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate as the first female Supreme Court justice. (1981)

America: A Tribute to Heroes is broadcast by over 35 network and cable channels, raising over $200 million for the September 11 attack victims. (2001)

Galileo mission is terminated by sending the probe into Jupiter's atmosphere, where it is crushed by the pressure at the lower altitudes. (2003)
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