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Making the MOST of the last quarter - Tales from 100# Down

Friday, September 20, 2013

It's almost October. I love the last quarter of the year. I enjoy the change of season with it's fall colors, autumn harvest, pending holidays and times of family gatherings. So often we WAIT until the New Year to think about "self-improvement" and goal-setting but WHY WAIT?

THREE months is a long time! With some careful planning and goal-setting I can make some serious progress which will take me into the NEW YEAR with momentum. Here is the thing. I can't cave to the food fest that begins at Halloween and runs through New Year's Day! I have to have a plan. I have to set some goals. I can't approach this with anything less than my full attention or I will stumble over the candy corn, pecan pie, Christmas cookies, and half-price holiday treats when it's all over. I know me! I know my past! I know it has to be different!

There are 91 days from Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. That's 13 weeks. I have been on this journey for three years and two months so for me to lose a pound a week is a lot. I also know that with my birthday and anniversary falling in December that there will be some special meals. That does NOT mean I'm not going to track my food and give my best effort but I am going to be reasonable and set my goal to lose .8 per week or a total of 10.4 pounds by Jan. 1. That's reasonable but not if I graze through all these food holidays ahead.

Fitness has been a KEY change for me. I have committed to doing a DVD program with some friends for several weeks straight plus plan to do a 5k race in each of the three months. I also plan to continue to get a minimum of 60 minutes on the elliptical per day.

Nutrition - FULL tracking EVERY day of EVERY bite even days where I go over. It's essential and it keeps me from going to far out of the boundaries!

Special Day plans. I will have a plan in place for every special holiday, event, and food gathering in the next three months. This means that I will pre-select WHAT I will order for my birthday meal and adjust the rest of the day's caloric input to accommodate it.

The NO list - Somethings just require me to say NO. I will NOT buy half-price Halloween candy or Christmas treats. I will not participate in a cookie exchange. I will not ask for food items for birthday or Christmas gifts. I will NOT use special days as an excuse for poor eating and lack of exercise!

FOCUS - I will revisit my goal list WEEKLY to see how I'm doing. If something needs tweaking I won't wait until January 1st to do so.

There are so many non-food ways to have fun in this festive time of year that I need to keep the food ones to a bare minimum. Things I CAN enjoy that are calorie free include: corn maze, pumpkin carving, autumn leaf viewing and collecting, decorating the house for each holiday, crafting gifts for the holidays, playing seasonal music, watching holiday movies and specials, holiday display viewing, building a fire in the fireplace, participating in a charity holiday drive, etc. I will plan to have seasonal fun that does not involve open mouth insert food!

I can SUCCEED. I have done it over and over and I can KEEP doing it! I just have to plan and EXECUTE the plan.

Making my Autumn Run for Health!

Away I go!

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