down another pound (and pics!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Today I weighed in again and was rewarded again - 180.6! emoticon emoticon emoticon

This continuing my exercise AND eating in a proper way is really, really, making a difference. I feel so good in my clothes. I swear I feel taller. My body feels alive and wonderful and I appreciate it.

So I set up this pretty little place to do my make up ALONE in my bedroom. And THIS is what happens...

Hee hee, I love it though. I know my time with them is short. Actually, I'm pleased that they decide to come in and show me what they are wearing and chat with me for a minute.

In other news, I started "Oil Pulling" this morning with coconut oil. I have read about the many benefits and I've had some troubles with my gums at my last cleaning appointment, so I'm starting this as an experiment to see if they are any better when I go for next cleaning in December.

I was not able to keep the oil in for the full 15 minutes it recommends, but I was able to for about 5 minutes this morning. I'm sure I will get worked up to it.
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