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Friday, September 20, 2013

I almost was unable to say that this morning. I got up and it just felt like a blah day --- I felt blah! I headed into work and thought I need (want) !WANT! a diet coke from McDonald's this morning. As I got on about a 2 mile section of freeway toward work I hit the button on my steering wheel and called Randy2.

I told him I was about to have a diet pop. He said "really". "Is that a good idea". I told him I just wanted it so badly. He then said "you can do what you want but I know you do better without it".

I was able to admit that this was true. My desire is NOT to have to deal with the amount of diet pop I was drinking.

1.70 months ... 51 days ( have a little counter app on my phone :)

You all have seen my posts about the diet pop BATTLE.

I don't eat as well.
I don't drink water as well
I don't think I feel as well.
I don't want to be "addicted".

So .. P C A --- (I saw this on a shirt at the gym this week)

Plan -- no diet pop

Commit -- sharing with you all and committing -- I can live without diet pop

Act --- no diet pop --- choose other drinkings.

I hope this decision helps improve my day -- I'm still in the blahs ---- I truly wonder if it's still withdrawal (either mental or physical withdrawal).

Again -- I appreciate my SparkFamily --- thanks for "listening".

And I'm curious .....

How many believe Randy2 gave me the best answer?

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