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First day of classes + Ice cream

Friday, September 20, 2013

Had my first day of classes today and I am already overwhelmed! The day wasn't horrible but it wasn't good either.

-One of my professors is requiring us to use a special program that is an extra cost to students but free for professors. That is alright but the program requires either a cell phone that texts or a laptop. "Everyone has a cell phone that texts," She said with certainty. Nope! Not everyone does! I have a laptop but looking at the screen for 2 hours is not idea for migraine sufferers. This program has to be used in class.

-I don't like my major and as a transfer student, it's kind of late to change it. It can be done though. It's Psychology and it's not for me! Just because you love an intro class does not mean you will enjoy the subject! Sometimes, you just don't know until you get into the higher level classes (and that's not possible at a community college.)

-The class sizes are massive. 100, 93, 300. That's the number of students in each of my classes. :O

-The college is on the quarter system. A quarter is 10 weeks. A Semester is around 5 months. All colleges should use the semester system. Nothing will ever change my mind. I hate quarters. It feels cramped.

The good thing is the campus is huge so you get plenty of exercise. There are lots of trees and a beautiful view of the mountains.

There is part of me that is just screaming "forget this" and another part that is saying "No, don't forget it!"

Too much stress=a bowl of ice cream at the end of the day. I did so well all day too! Oh well. There's nothing wrong with a little ice cream once in a while.

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    Talk to the professor about the technology issue. Be honest and upfront. If staring at a computer screen will cause medical issues (like migraines) then they should be able to adapt to your needs. If not, find out if the class is taught by someone else at another time or maybe next semester and if they use the same program or not. If you can drop the class and take something else then take this class with better circumstances another time, that could be a solution.

    If you don't like your major, change it. There is no point continuing on a track that will cause you to spend a lot of money on if you will hate it or can't complete it because you've totally lost interest. However, if you're doubting it because of the professor or the subject material, look for a different focus. Every major is challenging and many people come to be frustrated with their major at some point, but look at the big picture: what is the final goal you're working towards? What job do you want to get with it? How will the major help you get the job you want or at minimum get any job? It's better to be halfway done with a major and change to another one than to get to the end of the major and not finish it because you just can't stand it anymore. You might consider auditing (attending a class but not turning in homework or getting graded) some classes to see what else might interest you.

    I was halfway through my junior year when I left my first college. I was going for a double major in human biology and biology with a minor in human development, looking towards a career in genetic research. Ridiculously ambitious (according to anyone I talked to) and it was (mostly) fun and (relatively) easy for me. But I was having more and more problems at the school and within myself (I was surrounded by people bullying me) so I quit. I paid off my loans in 3 years (college was cheaper a decade ago and I had work study) then ended up working through another college doing night classes and basically homestudy/classes by mail working towards a major in accounting. Now I had to stop those classes because of my medical conditions and it seems I will not be able to complete that degree course either. Still, what I learned in all of my classes I found ways to use in my life and in the jobs I had. The effort wasn't wasted, and if my health improved to where I could go back I would.

    My point is that it is never to late to change your major or your school, and that if you can use the knowledge you gain through your studies in your life in any way then it is not a waste. After all, in plenty of cases your major and degree isn't what get's you the job you want, it's the proof that you worked hard and achieved an important goal while dealing with tons of ridiculous garbage along the way that gets you the job.
    1731 days ago
    YES!!! Definitely talk with your professor(s). You cannot be the only student who has technology issues and/or added unexpected expense issues. If the prof is any good at all they will move mountains to make their class a positive experience.. Not sure what the next step might be if a prof is unhelpful.. the department head? sometimes a student advisor has been known to be helpful, not in my life tho.
    Sometimes really large classes have a bene, they are certainly not going to have giant essay exams, who in their right mind would want to correct that many in a timely manner. But, be sure to have one or more face to face chats in the prof's office about your concerns and fears.
    You can and will be successful.. We are friends so I know you will make the grade and earn the credits in the courses you need to have the career you choose.
    emoticon emoticon instead of food or other exercise because emoticon emoticon are the very best exercise there is!! emoticon emoticon Audra
    1732 days ago
    Definitely talk to your teacher about your lack of technology!
    There may be some sort of program available for students to receive financial assistance for this sort of thing.

    A lot of the discomfort you are feeling is the newness of everything.
    Everything from new desks, teachers, student body, campus, friends, teachers... its all new!

    In time the newness will fade and you'll be comfortable in your surroundings simply thru habituation.

    Since you are growing, changing, learning a LOT of new things... keeping an open heart and mind will help you on your way.

    As for not liking your current major... you've got to keep in mind what type of job your degree is preparing you for.

    If you don't want to go into those careers, then no matter how interesting the coursework is, you are wasting time that could be better spent focusing on another course of study.

    School is the price you pay, to do something you love (your chosen profession) for the rest of your life.

    : )
    1732 days ago

    Nope, sometimes a day just needs ice cream. Try talking to the prof and explaining your technology situation. She shouldn't just assume everyone has these gizmos. Chin up, it may get better with time. emoticon emoticon
    1732 days ago
    emoticon Loved it. Plus , we're helping each other. I understand you and I will not ask my students what they can't give. Thanks:-) emoticon
    1732 days ago

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