Food And Work. Food And Work.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Haha this work week has felt like it's lasted forever. Seems like all I do is work and think about food. Well, not think about food in terms of wishing I could be gorging, but different ideas for meals, counting calories, etc. It's kind of nice, actually, because it's made me feel successful and proactive and whatnot.

Today is payday, and I'm hoping it will be my first week on track financially. Ever since before my vacation earlier this month, I've kind of been off the rails and things have felt out of control. I've put more on my credit card than I would like, and I've watched with gritted teeth as a good chunk has leaked up and out of my savings. I'm in a desperate need to feel in control again, so here's hoping I can stick to my budget, especially in the food department. This paycheck is an especially tight one, so here's hoping I have the strength and willpower to stay on track.

And speaking of staying on track, considering food has been my hardest budget to stick to, I'm trying to put together a week's worth of meal plans together to get the most of of my groceries. Thanks to some ingenuity from my mom with condensed milk and a bag of steamed broccoli, I was able to cook a box of Tuna Helper and reduce the calories from 260 per serving to 222. As a result I'm feeling inspired. There's a lot I can do with various recipes. I know there's an organic version of skillet lasagna at 260 a serving I can probably get down to 220 or lower, not to mention all the Chicken Helpers and whatnot there are out there. Last week my vegetarian tortilla soup was about 165-180 calories a serving, and a viable staple. I'm really inspired to make more food options along those times.

I've also gotten really inspired by some of the low calorie dessert recipes here on spark, like the Mock Frosty and the black bean brownies. Seems like I can make some cool whip and cocoa powder go a long way in terms of satisfying the sweet tooth! I'm excited to see what I can manage.

As of yesterday the scale said I was at 195.8. That's pretty good, I suppose. That means in nine days I've lost exactly two pounds. Yeah, I mean as numbers on papers that's a pretty awesome pace. I get that. Maybe since I'm still biting into the eleven pounds I gained it doesn't feel as big of a victory. If I'm lucky I will be able to keep up the pace, and if so I will be close to the 192-193 range, which will be pretty good. Ideally I could be back to my low of 186.8 by the end of next month. Sounds longer than it is, but I just have to stay positive.

Tomorrow a bunch of co-workers were planning to meet at my favorite sushi place before work for lunch. I can keep it at the 600 calorie range easy, but I've really gotten used to eating about 320-360 calories for lunch, and I think that's one of the main reasons I've been able to meet my calorie ranges for the day. I don't know how I'm going to do if I have to swap which calorie amounts I eat for which meal. Only one way to find out, I suppose.

Of course, I'm really tempted to skip out on lunch and work tomorrow and start my weekend early. So tempting! Seems like that would solve almost all my problems, haha.

Well. I've probably prattled enough for one blog entry. I hope tomorrow's work day goes by quickly, and regardless of how lunch with my co-workers goes, I hope I can keep the calories in line!

Hope all of you are having a great Friday so far!
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    I've just read your last few blog entries and I need to say this: I am SO proud of you! Even through the ups and downs and stresses that life throws at you, it is obvious that you are still dedicated to succeeding. And I know you can! You and I are in the same boat when it comes to losing regained weight. I totally understand how frustrating that is, but we CAN and will do this!

    Oh, and I have to say, please don't start with any weight loss supplements. I don't think anything good can come of it. I think you experimenting with lower calorie versions of recipes and continuing to drink lots of tea will work much better.

    I hope your work stresses are minimal this week and that your constant thinking about food will remain beneficial! :)
    1671 days ago
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