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If you want to know a lot more about me - 20 questions/1700 words

Friday, September 20, 2013

This was done for BLC #23 and was posted there. I wanted it here too for my reference and so my other Fall Into Fitness Challenge members and friends can learn more about me if they want.

1.What do you want us to call you?
Jen – I am pleasantly amazed there is only one Jen so far.

2.Where do you live?
I live in a small city – Airdrie, it is just outside of Calgary Alberta I have lived here for 8 years. I grew up on a farm outside of Acme and my family is still there. I have been missing it really bad this harvest. I feel so disconnected from everyone even though they are only 45 min away. My son has special needs so the school here is so much better for him or I would consider moving back. I’m also not ready to be broke because of the cost of fuel and having to drive to do anything. No decent gym around Acme either.

3. When is your birthday?
St. Patricks Day – March 17, 1977 – I’m 36

4. If you have an anniversary, when is it?
August 15th, But my husband passed away in 2003 – that’s why I ended up moving to the city. Haven’t had any relationships since then.

5. Are you single, married, or have a significant other?
Single –see above

6. Do you have children, grandchildren?
2 Children - A Daughter turning 13 in October and a son who is 10.
7.Do you have pets?
Fish – I really like aquariums and have 2 right now. Only 1 goldfish though his name is Biggie. The tank with no fish as of this morning is now ready for a new fish and a new design sounds like a good reward to me. My kids also have some new kittens at the farm which will stay there.

8.What are some of your hobbies?
Crocheting, Knitting, Reading, Aromatherapy – Bath salts mostly, Aquariums, Digital Scapbooking (this one is becoming a burden), I just started quilting with a lady Tuedsay afternoons. There are a lot of other things I’d like to dabble in and I like trying new things.

9. What do you do? (Work outside the home? Student? Stay-at-home Parent? Retired?)
I am on permanent disability – I have Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, Obesity, Hypothyroid, Hypertensive, Tachycardia, Asthma… as with a lot of people with Chronic Conditions I could go on. Disability is primarily because of Chronic Pain and Depression. I am doing better right now than in years, but have to be careful not to overdo it. I tend to overdo it because I want to prove that I’ll do anything to feel better…I’m learning.

10. Which is the biggest challenge for you, Nutrition or Exercise?
Nutrition – I guess. I know what I need to do; I just don’t plan ahead well enough to make it happen. Plus I am having some eating issues in the night 12am, 2am, 3am, 4:30am…which I am exploring and have been surprised that there are some actual medical reasons for it, other than I’m starving for real in the night.
I used to skip a lot of meals. Often I would go more than a day without eating anything. So now my body has some major issues that I have to live with and work with. I do have a plan for the night eating. It is on my blog about Dietician goals.

11. How can the team best help you with this challenge?
I have been gaining weight the last couple weeks and I want to run and hide and eat all of the bad things I used to binge on and am annoyed that I don’t eat them anymore and are gaining. BUT like I said my body has its challenges from me starving it for years. I need to get some good data and I will get help. Hopefully it sorts its self out.

12. What is your history with BLC?
Joined in 2003 – have been very sporadic, joined my first challenge last fall and stayed somewhat in touch with Spark, but really kicked it up a notch this April when I started going to the Metabolic and Endocrinology Clinics Weight Management Program. Now I know when my body isn’t acting the way it is expected to that I have help – just as long as I can give them lots of data in the form of food journals. Also, instead of driving into Calgary to the clinic weekly I have been using Sparkpeople as a support group.

13. What are your favorite type of exercises?
Well, at the moment for cardio I can only do the upright stationary bike. I have severe arthritis in my feet and I will damage them – wheelchair in future - if I use the other cardio machines or walk, do Zumba, Aerobics etc.
There is a new machine at the gym that I tried once and it was awful, my whole body hurt within a couple of minutes on the thing, but it takes a lot of weight off of my feet. I plan on trying again once I am warmed up first.
I also am looking into something to modify the straps on the rowing machine. I used to row and it was great, but it is pushing on my metatarsals (foot bones) too much now.
I am also going to try swimming again soon, the last time I tried; my lung capacity was too low because of the pressure from the extra weight and the water. Aquasize and Deep water running also hurt my feet so they are out, swimming might be too, but I will try it in the new year.
I am very lucky and don’t get bored of the bike. I set goals and work hard towards them. Sorry this sounds like complaining but it is my reality.
Strength training I am okay to do anything so long as it doesn’t hurt my feet. I like TRX, as well as machines that get me in perfect position so I won’t get hurt the most.

14. What exercise equipment do you own?
A recumbent stationary bike – it is only ok sometimes these bikes are hard on knees so if my knees start to hurt at all – I Stop, my kids use it though.
Dumbells, bench, bands, stability ball, WII Fit (a lot of it hurts my feet but not all), yoga strap

15. How competitive are you?
Very, but I need to be careful, especially because I don’t know I’ve overdone it until after my workout. Thankfully I’ve worked hard to get to the level I’m at and it will get me through this and maybe even win some challenges.
Non fitness challenges – look out – I am a serious competitor - as long as it is realistic for me. An example might be meal planning, I’ve never succeeded before so I need to take it 1 step at a time.

16. Do you have any physical or medical limitations that affect your fitness/nutrition?
I’m going to paste answer to question 9 here:
I am on permanent disability – I have Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, Obesity, Hypothyroid, Hypertensive, Tachycardia, Asthma… as with a lot of people with Chronic Conditions I could go on. Disability is primarily because of Chronic Pain and Depression. I am doing better right now than in years, but have to be careful not to overdo it. I tend to overdo it because I want to prove that I’ll do anything to feel better…I’m learning.

17. Do you use the Nutrition and Fitness trackers here on Spark? Or some other method? Or do not track at all?
I have been using the Fitness tracker on Spark. I also use the Nutrition Tracker sometimes, if I’m not using it, I’m counting servings from the 4 food groups and not calories. The dietician and I planned that I will alternate week to week. So on the no tracker weeks, I reconcile by how many servings I’m supposed to eat, and how many I did eat, as well as keep track of my sugar, and higher fat foods. For right now I’m just using tracker on here, I have been out of the habit of food journaling and am making sure I get back into to it before I start messing with things. Plus I have a sparkpoint goal and I get Sparkpoints for tracking my food on here.

18.What do you hope to get out of this challenge?
#1To lessen stress and the number of times a day I’m thinking about food by learning to plan meals and make the plan work for me. Maybe batch cooking, weekend prep, new recipes, feeding tubes for my kids - just kidding, but they can be a huge obstacle. So I need some new recipes and a way to get my kids to “buy into” my meal planning and the changes they are seeing.
#2 I hope I get back down to my best recent weight 269. I am 275 now. I did also make a goal to lose 5% of my current weight by Jan 1 which is 261. Goal weight for this challenge is 260. I’m scared but think it is attainable. It takes me a long time to lose because of medical conditions and abusing my body for years. But I haven’t always been controlling my stress or sleep so fixing those might fix the problems that are causing slow weight loss or even gains.

19. What reward do you have planned for yourself when you meet this goal?
I don’t know. But will think about it, maybe I will get ideas from your questionnaires.

20. What else would you like us to know?
I have taken nutrition courses at University Level. The Weight Management Program is where people who want Bariatric surgery go. BUT not everyone who goes there wants or will get the surgery, very few will get it. So they are teaching me what to do as if I am not going to have the surgery. I’m thinking I won’t have surgery, especially since it has been such a struggle to start eating regularly, and I seem to gain weight when I don’t eat enough still. I am going to a surgery info class next Wednesday and will know more after that.
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