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Good Start To Another Week

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Life Blog :) Hunger Tracker Day 9 Good Start To Another Week

Bedrest from November 2010 so it is 2.5years and counting.

This is my life blog covering hunger tracking.. the dull life in bedrest.. the hopes and dreams or random thoughts of the day or feelings and everything else that comes up. I edit my blog through out the day to update whatever needs to be added or changed. I am doing it not only for myself to reflect but to keep me accountable and sharing goals and what nots. Bedrest Day's have turned into years now so I am going to spare this daily defeat and just be sorry for myself on the year annivisary instead of a daily total on what I am missing.

A little about me I have been physicaly disabled since the beging of Nov 2010, I have had two back surgerys in Dec 2011, I still have hope that I will get better March 2013.. I pray for a healing miricle every day and for the strength not to lose faith.. September 2013 I have had a major set back and have been away from sparkpeople for the last 60 days I have found myself now to be at the heaviest weight ever in my life at 210 lbs I have all the weight I lost back and then some I vow too keep on going I will reach my goals all I have to do is keep going one step at a time.

I enjoy sparks people pen pals and if anyone wants to send a sparks mail and get into the sparks people pen pal writing with me I always appreciate getting to know someone new. A stranger is just another friend that I have not met yet. I look forward to hearing from you :)

I am still searching for things to do so please leave me any ideas,thoughts or opinions on what to do in bed to pass time hobbie/craft/or a job would be amazing.. please message me on sparks mail with any ideas.

Today's Reality:

-I am at 55 steps in a day not all at one time but through out the day.
-I can now stand for 30-60 seconds before pain ends it
-I can now sit for 10-15 seconds before pain ends it.
-I use ice packs 15-20 min then off for an hour.
-I use the inversion table 10 min morning and 10 min night as doctor ordered for the traction.
Inversion table increase time to 10 min 2x day at 5 degree incline when there increase incline by 5 degrees start back at 5 min once a day or less and work way up to 10 min twice a day. Do not continue through pain listen to your body. -it is not going too bad but I put myself on ice after i get off the table.
-Use the tens machine as much as possibe
-Use the unlta sound 5 min a day no more you can over use it.
-do physiotherapy streaching/ muscle work each day
-use massage/heat mat as needed in day but no heat for an hour after heat pack warm up slow as per doctor.
- take doctor ordered suppliments and medications
-check out home remedies/online options to help find a fix for the injury or pain.
-no pushing,pulling,lifting,twisti
ng, bending.
- it is a limited life but i am working on it, the hardest part is the loss of independance.
-See if I would quallify for the diatery supplement. Have to talk to dietition will have to wait for another appointment with doctor to come up to get to it.. one problem/question per ten min appointment. The health care system may be "free" in canada but it is true you do get what you pay for.

Personal Notes/Reminders/Thoughts... things to read each day..
-when I went for back surgery I was told to drink half my body weight in onces of water so I am 210/2=105oz 150/8=13.125 cups of water per day.
-Get 8 hours of sleep may not be restful but might get better with time.
- I ate when I was not hungry just because it was dinner time. stop the snack so close to the meal or not eat the meal when not hungry.
- divide my calories for the day 1200 so I should have 3... 300 meals breakfast lunch dinner with 3.. 100 snacks in the day..

Hunger Tracker
What I ate, When I ate, Where I ate, How many calories I ate, Why I ate,

I am at the higher range today with the hambuger patties but I did not have the buns or all the other extras and it helps to keep the calories down. Not over eating is hard but it is managable at least it has been the last week and I hope that the next week is just
as good as last week and that I can shed another two pounds.

1530 today's cal
1200 -1550 cal range
0 calories over

The information I found that started the Hunger Tracking:

Hunger Level Sensations and Symptoms
1 Starving, weak, dizzy
2 Very hungry, cranky, low energy, a lot of stomach growling
3 Pretty hungry, stomach is growling a little-------eat at this time
4 Starting to feel a little hungry -------------------------eat at this time
5 Satisfied, neither hungry nor full ---------------------- stop eating
6 A little full, pleasantly full ------------------ STOP EATING
7 A little uncomfortable
8 Feeling stuffed
9 Very uncomfortable, stomach hurts
10 So full you feel sick

Once you begin paying attention to how you’re feeling before and after you eat, you can start to make changes in what and how much you eat according to your hunger. It’s best to eat when your hunger level is at a 3 or 4. Once you wait until you’re at a 1 or 2 and are feeling very, very hungry, you are more likely to overeat or choose less healthful foods. (Remember: Any food will quell hunger, so we often reach for whatever is easy and convenient when we're feeling desperate to eat.) At a level 3 or 4, when you’re just starting to feel some hunger signals, you can make a conscious decision to eat the right amount of healthful and tasty foods. It's important, too, to be aware of how much you eat. It's best to stop eating at level 6 before you feel uncomfortably full (7-10). Your brain registers the signals that you're full slowly, and learning to eat to satisfaction without overeating will take some attention and practice.

My Reward Ideas...
I am keeping my "reward box" full so I can have a reward for the little things along the way :)

-I have some computer games from a second hand store In my reward box :)

-I have clothes they were second hand but they are nice some are commical but some are cute they are washed and put into my reward box as well :)

-My parents got me some bubble baths other bath salts/beads/ home spa things so it was great to have the gift and now I can use them as rewards as well. You guessed it they are in the box :)

Ideas for rewards to keep putting into the box :)
-finger/toe nail manicure/pedicure set or trip to spa or other make up beauty item.
-swim suit/goggles/towel/bag/pass/
-clothes any kind underwear/shirt/pants/whatever
-work out equiptment
-new gimic for back pain/injury put away for another experimental surgery if ever there is the option again.
My Goals

Long Term Goal:

September 11th 2013 I am 210 lbs I set my goal to be 110 Lbs by September 24 2014

Goal lose 100 pounds.
1-2 pounds a week.
50 weeks= 12.5 months to reach my goal.

Short Term Goals:

Current Weight 208 lbs
Goal Weight is 206 lbs

It will take me along time but I will get there one week at a time losing 1-2 lbs a week.

Weigh In Dates:

lose 1-2 lbs by September 25th 2013


My days thoughts/reflextions:

Day 9

The start of another 2 pound weightloss week goal.. well I have a plan for the week and that is to keep following the sparks people guidelines and keep the calories down in the days range and to try to get as much movement into my day that I can.. one step at a time one week at a time and one year to the fisinsh line.. I can see me standing there in a swimsuit at the end of the year looking just as fine as all the able body swimmers. This is my goal this is my vision and my drive for this week.
If I can invision it I can make it happen.. belive it and I will see it..
hope you are all having nothing but success with your goals.
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