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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am responding to my last blog replies and just thinking again. I totally agree with the extreme diets and such and to eat minimal processed food and healthy food, move your body and such. My curiousity comes in when a body is so inflammed as mine and seems to be getting worse, if these elimination diets, strict though they are, can help get your gut on track which has been proven a lot of inflammation starts, even arthritis etc. why not try them. One of the ones on that page is by a noted reputable dr, the others are people that have tried and not had good enough success with just a healthy diet. LOL Hey Caz! perhaps if I stayed on just a healthy diet for long enough to see. lol but then naturopaths diet was restrictive to get my belly healed... I did believe what she was doing with me. SO DUH go back on that it wasn't super hard... just no gluten, dairy or sugar. The sugar was the hardest by far and still is what is blocking me.
Now as to being more costly. Yes it is expensive when 3 pepppers are nearly $4. and romaine lettuce is $2.99, celery 1.99, tomatoes go anywhere from 99 -1.69 lb. but okay a bar is easily .80-1.00, chips are outrageous at no less than 2 -3 bag and between hubby and I we could eat that bag in one eve. So at 2.50 on sala for that bag of chips I can get my tomato, celery and a pepper to go in that salad which will last at least 2 salad... I don't buy pop however have had 2 of dads pepsi lately, but at pop over a dollar a bottle, well 2 of them and there is some lettuce, cos there is deposit on bottle of .10cents and 15% tax. adds up guys.
And I have NEVER believed that oh my kids need the cookies, or the juice bars, the chips. Teach them early adn they won't have the issues we are dealilgn with. and I have so rarely I could almost say never bought froz dinners or pizza or stuff like that. Tastes like cardboard and yea is faster but there goes a huge chunk of money!
So to me, yea it is more to eat healthy cos most of what I buy, is only for me. If I make salad hubby will have lettuce, shredded only carrot, tomato and some dressing. So the broc. cauliflower, peppers, celery, cuke, are all for me... but have to say he doesn't often buy junk, sometimes a bag of cookies on sale. he would rather eat homemade. but does still eat his whole wheat bread. so I spend on flours for gf. too.
Anyway just my thoughts this am, as I get my puter time in before a busy but probably a tiring afternoon. An hr interview with a phsyciatrist and physiotherapist so they can figure if I need to go to the pain clinic 2 x wk for 8 wks or 3 for 6 wks. Oh well whatever, at least I am getting in. hope it proves benficial and interesting.

And I can go on.... for now this is enough to make me thinking I can and will do this yet again.

That and some special spark friends that never give up on me.
I so love you guys.
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    I have thought about trying an elimination diet too. I buy food for my hubby that I don't eat but he will eat most of the healthy food I do.
    1670 days ago
    Give it a whirl Cinders, if you don't try you'll always wonder if it might have worked.
    As ANJAYS said........back to basics and STICK TO IT emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1675 days ago
    you can do this Cindy just get back to the basics
    1675 days ago
    You can do it Cindy .. Just get back on the way of eating and stick to it ... My way of eating has helped a lot with the Fibromyagia and the Athritis .. Your food plan you were on is much the same as mine .. So my lovely friend ... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon just do it xxxx
    1675 days ago
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