Dealing with Pain and Sciatica

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The last entire month I've been in terrible pain--am getting my Blood test done tomorrow and later walk in to consul my Orthopaedic Doctor once more. I am hoping to hear about a change in my Vitamin D3 results--hopefully I've risen from deficient to insufficient!!At the moment things are so bad that I even need help to dress!!Once I meet the Doc.I'll return hopefully to the blessed Electrical Ants--love the soothing movement!!
Like me ,my ailments too are unique.This problem is at it's worst in the hot weather--hence am anticipating October Heat with my fingers crossed.The Monsoons keep my joints fit surprisingly--in direct opposition to those that dread the Wet Season.Thanks to this there is new entrant into my life---Usha. She will take over the task of mainly opening the main Door as well as answering the 'Phone.Besides she will do the lighter work of Dusting,cleaning and chopping Veggies and generally working as a sort of sous Chef to Vanita--who will cook till I'm better.Usha is number 3 in a parade of additional helps--the first in line being Rasika,the second Bharti and now Usha.Rasika was a live-in help and a really good worker but unfortunately there wasn't much work for her to do,so she got bored of sitting idle and left after 3 months with us.Bharti was the one who stepped into her shoes and would stay only for 12 hours each day,so that too suited us fine.
My experience with Bharti was hilarious.We noticed that she made umpteen trips to the loo during the day--literally spending hours there.In the meanwhile it would be me limping to the Door each time someone rang the Bell!!She was a very good sous Chef for me because unlike now standing was not too difficult then.However she was into eating "Gutka/Kimaam/Zarda"--all types of scented Tobacco that is like a Drug..Not just that she would also apply Tobacco Powder as a mouthwash--and this made her doubly stoned out.I bore with her about 2 months and then finally was forced to ask her to leave.She would spend the entire day in a haze--and all this at age 23 years!!Finally after she left I told Sayali about this--because it became a necessity to take on certain tasks that actually had been relegated to her myself--and yet pay her a hefty salary--an extremely uneconomical measure!!Two things she taught me though--to speak coolly yet calmly and secondly to look beyond the persona into the actual soul.
Usha is a simple Village girl--untouched by Mumbai's street smart behaviour.She is a live in help too and the prospect seems promising---however only Time will tell whether I'm third time lucky or not!!
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