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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

That commercial is growing on me. LOL

Just got back from a Doc appt. I had went in there with my ankle being sore. It hurts to do umping jacks and I didn't want to injure it further doing the Shred. My concern was the bump just above my ankle that when you touch it, my whole foot goes numb. Turns out that was a fatty tissue pressing on my nerves so when I shave my legs or scratch there, it presses the nerve to tingles.

But her concern was no longer my ankle.

Nope, high blood pressure.

Dang it. I knew that bad eating would catch up to me. The butter pecan or chunky monkey placed in my lap almost nightly by loving family members. Perhaps they think I'm not serious because I haven't really allowed them to think otherwise. Almost weekly trips eating out with a few beverages? Yup, they all added up and it showed through with shiney BIG numbers on the cuff readings.

Heart rate up, blood pressure up, and weight up.

She looked at me and said "and you want no meds?"

I guess I thought it was the stress of hubby and I teetering on divorce. I guess I thought it was the stress of finals and moving and once I got settled into a life of normalcy again it would go away. I guess I thought once I got my blood pressure under control, it would just stay that way.

I guessed: WRONG!!

It is clearly hereditary from my loving father (thanks Dad), my weight/eating habits and I clearly didn't have a handle on it.

Until today.

She's giving me until the new year. Fair enough.

Get my weight down and fitness minutes up.

This is my new lifestyle

This is my new motivation




No more "oh, I've been good" or eh, "it's just one more day"...man those days all catch up to you.

So Jillian and I .... we be Shredding.

My shoes and I....we still be running.

and the war against the teenage mutant ninja fat cells wages on!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hump day!!! Hey, hypertension is nothing to mess around with. It takes a toll on your brain, which most people don't even know about. It's not just the arteries.
    1661 days ago
    Honey you and I both need to do this and we will! I think that my nightly Just Dance on the Wii are needed again. I was banging that out and dropping the weight at a good rate! Sorry Family....Mom is taking over the TV for 45 min!
    1672 days ago
    I am hardly the shining example, but my dietary research points time & time again to the value of REDUCED CARBS as the best tool for not just weight control, but chronic disease: Type II diabetes, hypertension...

    Let's work on it together girlfriend!

    1673 days ago
    I usually fast forward through most commercials, but my husband and I have to watch that one!

    Sorry to hear about the HBP, but you can do this!
    1676 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Words I know all to well, "I did well today. I can have that extra helping at dinner." "I had a great workout I can have that big dessert."

    No more excuses. We can do this!!!

    And do you know what tomorrow is???
    1677 days ago
    You can so do this, my friend!

    1677 days ago
    1677 days ago
    1677 days ago
    emoticon I am going to start back on the Shred, too. Looking forward to following your progress!
    1677 days ago
    Yes you can!

    Now get out there and run!...ala Jillian - just what you need someone to yell at you.

    Be kind to yourself
    1677 days ago
  • LORI2562
    You can do this! You have the whole Tangerine team cheering you on and supporting you!! Make week two shine!
    1677 days ago
  • DRPOOH63
    emoticon love that commercial!! Sounds like uou have an even bigger reason to move forward in this journey.
    1677 days ago
    A few years ago my doctor told me I had to lose 100 lbs to be able to stop taking my blood pressure meds. Last December when I went to my doctor he was concerned my bp was too low...hmmm, so he cut one of my meds in half. Well I had not been taking them regularly and when I was in the ER last week my bp was 112/72...I have since been taking them regularly because I have my annual physical next Tuesday and guess who is lightheaded and dizzy often again...ME. I can tell we will be decreasining my meds yet again and I have only lost 30 of those 100 lbs she told me I had to lose but I exercise almost every single day and I certainly move a lot more even if I don't do cardio. I will get there to when the meds are no longer a part of my life.
    1678 days ago
    Great job! You can do it!
    1678 days ago
    Awesome! I'm here with you. We can do this.
    1678 days ago
    You can do it!! That commercial plucks my nerves!! Partially because hubby won't let it rest!
    1678 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    Time to make sure your health is front and center. I think women tend to forget about our own health, or maybe push it aside actively, because we tend to be busy taking care of others (sometimes even when they don't need it anymore - old habits die hard). I hope you are able to avoid the meds. It seems like this was a real wake-up call to you. Good luck. You can do it.
    1678 days ago
    That commercial has grown on me too. I greeted my husband with a rendition of that commercial. You have had a lot of changes in your life. You will get refocused and take care of your health. I know you can do it. Hugs, Laurel emoticon
    1678 days ago
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