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Second week of chemo finished...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've just finished my second week of chemo and will be going back to Vanderbilt tomorrow for my third infusion. This week went noticably harder than last week. I was hoping it wouldn't be the case, but since the chemo is cumulative, it makes sense that I would be having more side effects this week. The antinausea medications kept that aspect under control, but I spent several days in the bathroom and had to work to stay hydrated. I lost at least 3 pounds this week that I didn't particularly want to lose. I'm upping my food intake and have added in some higher carb items that I normally wouldn't have been eating. It's all very healthy foods (organic multigrain oatmeal and a slice of organic multigrain bread with organic peanut butter.)

One thing that I've been doing is to try to keep up at least some form of gentle exercise every day. There are studies that indicate that the survival rate is better for those people that maintain some form of exercise during and after treatment. Specifically, for breast cancer, the turning point seems to come with 30 minutes of walking (or something similar) six days a week. That's what I plan to shoot for as long as I am able. I don't care how slow I walk, I can feel my heart and lungs working as I go up and down the hills where I live.

The last couple days, I've been very fatigued...particularly when I wake up in the morning. It seems to take about half of the day to get my energy up, but by the early afternoon, I have felt ready for a walk. Both days, I have felt noticably better and more energetic after I get back from the walk.

It's funny how that works! emoticon

Life is good!

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  • IONA72
    You have a great attitude, keep as active as you can and good luck on the journey. emoticon
    1732 days ago
    I'm glad to hear that you still have such a positive attitude. I think that is one of the things that will help you get through this. It sounds like you are doing the right things. I think that getting out amongst nature helps to reinvigorate the soul. I continue to think of you often and hope that the rest of your treatments will go well. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! emoticon
    1735 days ago
  • HEIDI777
    Much like our journey with weight loss, one step forward toward a goal. Each week into treatment means a week closer to it being over emoticon and life returning to normal. But to be honest, it will take a while ...but it will happen!! Keep up the good work!! Take good care of yourself and know that you have many friends here to cheer you on and support you!
    1736 days ago
    Blessings to you dear Kay! You are SO brave and SO WILL come through this challenge with grace and dignity. The fact that you share your journey does wonders for your sparkling community and it shines back on you because you have sooo many loving sparklers that are all cheering you on!

    I hold you in my heart and in my mind...I identify with you so closely that I actually felt some breast pains myself the other night. I know those are sympathy pains as we so often get for those we care deeply about!

    I got your special little surprise in the mail today. It's about 12"x12" so I hope it fits in your mailbox...never stopped to think about that one! emoticon

    I honestly HATE that you are having to go through this chemo but you will absolutely come through it safe and sound and stronger by far.

    Don't tax yourself to much my dear can always walk in your backyard or even around your house if you don't want to tackle hills and valleys.

    I think it's the being in nature that helps you recharge...just soak up the beauty of the trees and the sky and the whispers from the wind..they are all encouraging you and imbibing you with love! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    It would be nice to be there to walk with you some afternoons. You are doing so well, rising above the circumstances...hugs!
    1737 days ago
    You are on my mind often. Sounds like the treatment plan is going well as to be expected. Hugs and keep the positive outlook. It goes a very long way with recovery. emoticon
    1737 days ago

    You are always in my heart, and you're often on my mind (that's from an Oak Ridge Boys song). I will continue to think of you and pray for you. It seems like you are trying to make things work for you (i.e. upping the carbs but with healthy ones and trying to exercise every day). I know you can do it!!!
    1738 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    I wish you comfort and peace today.

    You are awesome.

    1738 days ago
  • OWL_20
    So glad you're able to get out and walk. I think it would help to clear the mind as well. Keep up the great work! Thinking of you and sending good vibes: emoticon .
    1738 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1738 days ago
    Good luck with the rest of your treatment. Sounds like you're doing great besides the fatigue. Listen to your body. We're all pulling for you.
    1738 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1738 days ago
    1739 days ago
  • MICHELE142

    Carry a small box of the raisin snacks when you walk and keep that energy level up. Today I still carry them when walking or shopping since my Chemo and radiation played heck with my blood.
    Keep up that Positive attitude, your doing Great.
    1739 days ago
    Keep doing the best that you can. I am in your corner!! emoticon
    1739 days ago
    1739 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    You're going to have ups & downs. Take care of yourself.

    I'm glad you're sharing your experiences with us - you have folks all around the world praying for you.
    1739 days ago
    emoticon Staying hydrated, gentle exercise, adjusting your meal plan to meet the needs of your body... emoticon

    Chemo is a huge challenge for a body. If you need to adjust your walks to more level terrain as you progress through your treatment I hope you will. Trusting you to find the balance between exercise that refreshes and exercise that exhausts. emoticon

    Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress. You are an inspiration and a blessing to the Spark community.

    Please be gentle with yourself while achieving your admirable goals. emoticon
    1739 days ago
    OH girl you are so doing great. I am so happy for you, and know that the attitude has to be helping. I hope and pray that your nausea stays at bay and the rest doesn't get worse.
    1739 days ago

    1739 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    1739 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1739 days ago
    Hang in there. I really have no good advice since I never been through what you are going through.
    1739 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1739 days ago
    I hope the weather has been good for your walks. September has been beautiful here so I wish that for you as well.
    1739 days ago
    The first time I had chemo 10 years ago, it didn't occur to me to even try to exercise while in treatment. When I had to start chemo again about 3 1/2 years ago, I was inspired to keep trying, because I joined the Cancer Survivor's team and there were few ladies there at the time getting chemo AND exercising, so I knew if they could do it, I could too!

    I often have to fight fatigue because I am anemic from my chemo, but I find that even a short workout will often give me a "2nd wind."

    My worst time for fatigue seems to be first thing in the morning too, but most days, I start to feel a little better as the day goes on and then around 7pm I start getting more fatigued again.
    1739 days ago
    I found that I suffered badly from breathlessness. My treatment was 6 months of a monthly infusion to start with. I was told that the chemo killed off the cells that make red blood cells in the marrow of my bones, and so there was less oxygen circulating in my blood. Nevertheless, the walking reminded me that I was still alive.
    1739 days ago
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