Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So tired today. Cleaned the front oven and back oven last night at the piddly-pay job (2nd job). It took alot of work but looked really good when I got done.

Today all is quiet at work on the day job. I don't have a good feeling. She (my boss) is the 5th QA mgr they've had here in just a few months' time. Best to make plan B, C, and D, now, in advance of the Oct 29 end-of-contract date.

I called the temp agency today, Aerotek, and talked to the new rep/my agent, since the previous one I dealt with left the company. I can tell he was blowing me off after I told him my contract is not up til Oct 29. So he didn't receive the part of my message about being proactive and getting the paperwork done for the other client they have that I know I would like to work for. I tried to get on with their client for 1.5 years, so, temping would be a good way to get in there. So I'm going to call him again next Wednesday. Every Wednesday. He said someone else in the office handles that client. Whatever. I want the paperwork done and over with before Oct 29, so I can make a smooth transition with down time minimized from this job to that one. That one would also be a stepping stone job.

And I'm going to start job hunting in the big city near me, Charlotte. This would be for a real job. Charlotte is NOT near, it is far; but I'm going to look up SIC codes etc and get started. I've already done that some, but before did not have gas money for followup things like networking and interview trip(s) there. And now, thanks to this job, I do.

I'm going to try to go straight to sleep after the piddly pay job tonight. Las night I used the computer at McDonald's until 11:15pm.

I'm also leaving immediately after work today and timing how long it takes to get to the nearest driver's license testing place. Have one more section of the manual to read, because they test your knowledge of DWI laws here; but have to find the place first.

So I'll be like a ping pong ball - work, DL testing place, then piddly pay job.

Cramming as much as I can into this week . . .
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