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Day 41 Back to Basics

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This has been amazing 24 hours! I didn't end up taking a nap when I got home yesterday. Once I sat down and started stitching while waiting for Plex to pick me up from work, I woke right up. Amazing how that works! I got home and washed dishes, made preliminary packing plans for our upcoming trip, and watched my beloved Bruins win the first pre-season game against Montreal!!! Go Bruins!!!

The best part to all this is that after 1:30pm I didn't take any more of the pain medication. My pain is reduced to much more manageable levels, and I am walking a bit more today. Even with the knee pain I managed to walk quite a bit this past weekend.

Boo went to the doctor yesterday. She has a sinus infection, an ear infection and a touch of bronchitis. She's medicated now, resting today and tomorrow, and Thursday we fly out to NC. I hope her ears are better before we have to fly. Otherwise it's going to hurt!

Did I tell you all that she got her GED grades in, and she passed everything!!! She is now a graduate!!! Woot!!!

Wedding update as follows:
1) Decided on my song to dance with my dad. It's going to be Slipping Through My Fingers from the Mama Mia! movie soundtrack. I love that song!

2) Received more RSVP's. Huzzah!

3) Still re-qorking the seating arrangements. I need to add chairs to tables I think. Grrr....

Progress is always good!

How I did:

1) Friday I took 4275 steps
Saturday I took 4142 steps
Sunday I took 1594 steps
Monday I took 2305 steps

2) Drank all my water for the day

3) Got 10 minutes of exercise

Lessons learned:
1) Sometimes I just have to stop and listen to my body when it can't do anymore due to illness or injury.
2) Addressign problems as they surface is far better than waiting until you can't see the way out
3) I have the best friends and family!

Today's goals:

1) Drink 8 glasses of water
2) Log food
3) Walk 4000 steps today
4) Get at minimum 10 minutes of exercise

Back to work with me even though I only have today and tomorrow left.
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