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Day 70 on the Journey!!- I finished the ENTIRE Insanity Workout Program

Monday, September 16, 2013

Well I know I promised you all a major milestone so here it is.

I finished the ENTIRE Insanity Workout Program. I did all the exercises for the 60 days excepting the one week that I had to postpone because I was at the hotel. I therefore finished 1 week later than my calendar. Nonetheless I FINISHED. Now as for how Insanity in tandem with tracking my food on SparkPeople as well as being encouraged by you Sparkies has changed my body. That is as follows: (The first numbers are the starting numbers on July 8th and the second numbers are the numbers today- September 16th)
Weight: 184-170
Waist: 95 cm - 88.5 cm
Upper Arm: 31 cm - 29.5 cm
Hips: 112 cm- 107.5 cm
Thigh: 64 cm -62.5 cm

Now obviosly some losses are better than others but I'm grateful for them all anyway. Now another improvement is in my Insanity Fit Tests. Again the first number will be the starting ones and the second- today's ones.
Switch Kicks 85- 107
Power Jacks 50-78
Power Knees 100- 139
Power Jumps 45- 63
Globe Jumps 9-15
Suicide Jumps 14 -22
Push-Up Jacks 20-44
Low Plank Oblique 60-80

Now as proud as I am of ll these results I am most proud of my suicide jumps. I've been struggling to improve on this move, only improving by like one per fit test but Sparkies today I did 22!!! As you can see on my first fit test I only did 14. That's EIGHT MORE which is just totally AWESOME. I know eight more doesn't sound like much but if any of you do or have done Insanity you'll understand.

So all in all folks that's the update of where I am in my journey. I may restart the Insanity program or do something else. I think though that I'm going to complete Insanity again first or at least Month 1. The Fit Test this morning and the improvements were encouragement to see how much more I could improve if I gave the program another go. My only fear is that I may get bored. Thus I'm still open to changing my mind depending on what I think of the T25 and the Jillian Micheals' 30 Day Shred.
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