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Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm motivator of the day. I'm not quite sure how that happened - if I encourage a few people along this healthy lifestyle living path - that's a good thing, but all I'm really doing is muddling along this path with some successes and some reevaluates along the way and perhaps hopefully coming alongside others who need a bit of support and maybe even letting others support me. Today on the first page of the motivational quotes I found this:

So, my friends this quotable quote fits me only too well and perhaps some of you as well. Insecurity - aaaack...pteeeeewwwwwwuuuuueee
eeee. If I could just shove a lifetime of insecurity into a garbage bag and take it out with the trash, but it either sneaks back in over night, or I may just sneak out to the garbage and let it back in. Nonetheless, that can't hold me back - I've got to keep moving forward on this healthy living journey, evicting insecurity in its known as well as unexpected forms. I've said it before, but perhaps aikido has been the best aid on this progress journey. Aikido does not come naturally to me, my sensei essentially threw up his hands in disgust over my ability to punch (glad this isn't karate or I'd be in really big trouble). That's not quite true, but I have to learn things one step at a time. I've done it long enough that my insecurity is shoved aside rather quickly in order to accomplish what needs to be done. That's a good thing. Later, I may second guess myself, but even there I shove that second guessing aside to say - hey, I did okay. Maybe, that's what this healthy lifestyle journey is all about - saying I/we've done okay today; yes, there's room to improve, but I/we did okay and if I/we're really brave - we name those things that we did okay and focus on them instead of the things that were challenges. Yes, I got intentional exercise in today, or I drank my 8 glasses of water today, or I ate one serving of vegetables today or....whatever the okays in our life are today. So, there's the challenge for the day - name those things that were accomplished today that were okay (terrific and outstanding accomplishments are allowed too). Peace this day.
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