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Busy weekend . . .

Monday, September 16, 2013

oh and my pants feel tight!

Life (as usual) has been busy. I blogged last Wednesday that DH and I were determined to run on Wednesday. He was off from job #1, but was working his side job. He said he would get home by 6:00 so we could run. I fixed a quick dinner for DD#1 & #3 (DD#2 was going home with friend after volleyball practice to study).

DH and I dropped off DD#3 at church for youth group @ 6:15. We decided to run on a different part of the greenway. Our area has been experiencing so much road construction, so all the roads are either a mess, over crowded from people avoiding the mess or both!

We're not too familiar with this trail, but we really enjoyed it! My plan was to try to run 1 mile straight, walk about 5 mins., turn around and then run back for 2+ miles of running/walking. DH took off ahead of me, so I just plodded along with my run enjoying the "new" scenery (although it looks pretty much the same as the other trails since they are all built on wetlands and in the woods!).

I wasn't really keeping track with the mile markers, but I was waiting on DH to turn around and then I would start heading back. I ended up running 2 miles straight before I saw DH coming back. He had to do the math for me, but I ended up running/walking 3.6 miles!

By that time, we had to pick up DD#2 from friend's house and then pick up DD#3 from church. It was already after 8 pm, so I not sure what I ate for dinner, but I'm sure it wasn't that great and there was probably some snacking!

On Thursday DD#2 had a volleyball tournament about 30 mins. away. They played 4 games straight. They did pretty well considering they had 2 girls injured - apparently another girl hurt her ankle at practice on Wednesday and then there's the girl that got carted off on a stretcher on Tuesday. Unfortunately they both play the same position (outside hitter), so they brought a girl up from JV (not the girl DD#2 replaced!). The girl that got hurt on Wednesday should be back by next week or earlier, but the stretcher girl will be out for the rest of the season and longer! She had a torn ACL, torn menescus and also did something to her ankle. She's going to have to have surgery, so no telling what her recovery time will be (she's no Adrian Peterson after all!). Anyway, they went 3-1 on Thursday, so that put them in the "gold" bracket on Saturday (top 7 teams).

I promised DD#3 we could play tennis on Friday, so since DH was able to pick up DD#2 from practice, we went early to the park. It seems most people take Friday's "off" because the trails and gym are always pretty empty. The tennis courts were no exception, so we had the one court to ourselves. Good thing too because DD#3 was hitting it everywhere! She actually did better than I thought (she's not real athletic and usually likes to "goof off"). She was acting a little goofy, but I got a workout hitting with her (and chasing her balls). I tried to take it easy because I have a bad tendon on my left foot, so I didn't want to reinjure it.

I had to drop DD#2 off at the school @ 9 am on Saturday and then drive back to the school hosting the tournament. The "brackets" weren't decided until 10 since some teams had games that morning. The coach said the earliest they would play would be 11 am. It was a "one and done" tournament at that point.

They had the 11 am game and since they made the "gold bracket" the teams were pretty good. Not only were they down the 2 injured players, but their "best" player (best all round player and team leader!), had to go to a church retreat! So they brought up another girl from JV (still not the girl DD#2 replaced - wonder what happened there?!).

DD#2 was pretty excited because she was taking the "best" player's rotation and was getting to serve! They ended up loosing (to a team they've beaten twice before). It was obvious the were "off". In fact, a couple of other girls had minor injuries. The good news is that DD#2 played really well. She was actually the best server on her team that day (hasn't served in a game since last year). One of the assistant coaches commented to us on how well DD#2 is doing and that she would "run through a brick wall" if you asked her to!

On Sunday we decided to go to the apple orchard with my sister, niece, great nephew, all 3 of my girls and an extra friend! We had a great day with a lot of walking, but unfortunately a lot of eating - fried apple pies & BBQ!

So now my pants feel tight!

I'm going to go "cold turkey" on the sweets and carbs (except for 1 serving of fruit a day - I have to eat the apples we picked) for a couple of weeks. That's the best thing to get me back on track!

Great Nephew (and DD#2) at the apple orchard.

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    good luck i know about tight pants its horid
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