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All State Half Marathon - Boston

Monday, September 16, 2013

Yesterday morning, I ran my very first half marathon. How did I do ? Well, I managed to stagger across the finish line in roughly 2 hrs 35 mins. I would have liked to have been a little faster, but considering this was my first half, I'm not complaining.

Here are a couple of photos of the bling and swag.

I'll admit that I never really considered myself much of a distance runner because of issues I've had with my knees off/on for years. The longest distance I'd ever run for a race was 7.5 miles. Most of my races had either been 5k or 10ks. Those are distances that I can comfortably run. a half marathon ? That was going to be a whole new experience. I worried that my knees might be able to handle the distance.

But, I was looking for a new challenge. So, I decided to try a half. I had hoped to train for the BAA Half that's running in October, but got locked out of registration. The race filled in less than 20 minutes. That meant finding a difference race. I'd considered a bunch of others, but then I found the All State Insurance Half Marathon. That seemed like a good fit. I'd talked with a couple of friends who train runners. They told me I could probably do it, but I might not be able to run it as fast as I wanted because I didn't have enough time to train.

AND... they were right. I really could have used one more month of training. This race would be a test run. I wanted to see if I really could run that distance because in past, my longest run was 8-9 miles. So, I promised a friend that if I ran the race, I wouldn't kill myself. I was going to have some fun and I did.

I ran most of the race at an 11 minute pace. By the time I got to mile 10, I started feeling the back ache. That's also when I think I was hitting the wall. That's when I started slowing down. My legs felt like lead. I had to walk mile 11. Like I said, I promised a friend I wouldn't hurt myself. I probably did a walk/jog for the last three miles. That's slowed me down, but I crossed the finish line with no injuries. Just the back ache. ;)

I was also mildly dehydrated by the time I crossed the finish line. I was feeling nauseous even though I'd stopped at every water stop to drink. I had a sandwich with me, but couldn't only manage a couple of bits right after the race. It took another 30 minutes for my stomach to settle down. Then I ate.

Today, I'm a little achy, but that was expected. When will my next half be ? Not for a while. Definitely need more time for training. For now, I'll stick to some 5 or 10ks.

PS - Speaking of pictures. They did have photograpers all along the course taking photos. All I could think of is this,"Why are you taking my photo when I look like the insides of a goat !! " I'm running 13.1 miles, I look awful !!! Although, I did strike a pose a couple of times early in the course. Towards the end, ugh.... I could have also had a better picture taken at the end, but like I said I was all beat up by the end of the race and hardly photogenic.

AND ! those race photos are expensive !
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