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Plot Twist! Again.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey guys. I've had an interesting weekend. Been kinda taking it easy because after getting my FIRST DOUBLE UNDER (woo!) I have been VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY practicing and landed too hard emoticon and now my knees hurt (boo!) I've been icing them and I expect they will get better on their own if I just rest. But it kinda sucks, I've never had knee problems in my life. I don't like it!

So on to the weird/good part. About 4 days before I lost my job, the director of R&D came to me and broke the news that they were not going to have the money in the new fiscal year to hire me like he had thought. Oh, I didn't mention that part did I?! Yes, they had told me they were going to hire the temp who has been there 3 years for lots of money. So for 4 months, I have been thinking, well, if grad school doesn't work out NEXT year either, at least I will have an easy job with lots o' money. But nooooooooo. Plan G also got destroyed so I moved on to plan F, keeping temping at easy stress free place and study for my biology GRE with all the downtime. Then, on Tuesday, Plan F got destroyed when they laid off 1/3 of R&D and eliminated my temp position.

After Plan G got wrecked, I was sitting at my desk kind of grumping about the unfairness of it all and visited Indeed. I saw a brand new research assistant position at the University of Maryland. Read through it. Said to myself, "Meh, I might be able to do that." Slapped together a quick cover letter and sent in my application. I honestly don't even know why I did it. I never expected to hear a thing and frankly forgot all about it by that afternoon.

But Saturday morning (okay, Friday night at 2AM, that unnerves me a little) one of the professors emailed me to set up an interview. I still have my eyebrows raised.

But, I am excited at the possibility of escaping industry science!!!!!!!!! If grad school doesn't work out, I AT THE ABSOLUTE VERY LEAST want to be in academia and not industry! Yeah, industry's easier and pays more money but I'm just not corporate America.

Wish me luck!


If you can't see the comic, Cecilia, a grad student, is deciding what to do about her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend who already graduated and works in industry. He suggests she consider an industry job so that they have a chance of ending up in the same city. She says, "I can't work for The Man! I can't be a sellout... like... like a NORMAL PERSON!"

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