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First 5km -Color Me RAD

Sunday, September 15, 2013

There was a massive crowd of people assembled at Diefenbaker Park for the Color Me RAD 5km, the very first ever held in my city. The event was completely sold out (4000) and in spite of that, they were still allowing last minute entries. They originally planned for 20 minute waves, but because of the numbers, were having groups go every five minutes!

Getting ready for a start, encouraged by the race bunny:

Each person was given a T-Shirt, reflective sunglasses, tattoo decal and a color bomb in their packets> Needing prescription glasses, I couldn't use mine and as Mom was late bringing me my packet, I didn't have time to deal with the decal.
And they are off:

The crowd was all 20 somethings, and lots were wearing tutus. Here I am clean and pristine:

The were people pushing strollers and young children in it. As this was not timed, it wasn't really a 'race' Its a great thing for someone starting out to try as there is no pressure to finish and is a party atmosphere, with the emphasis on just having fun. My goal was to keep up with my pack as I did not have a chance to look at the new route and didn't want to get 'lost' I did take my GPS watch because I wanted a souvenir of the race route recorded.
I finished in 37 minutes 44 seconds. I alternately walked and jogged.
Here I am all painted up:

My Mom got all caught up in the excitement and buzz and would like to try it herself some time. She would be interested in participating in any of the local charity walks we have of which there are quite a few.
The only major problem I had with this event is the complete lack of portapotties! We were also denied entrance to the Exhibition Grounds facilities. Unreal for an event of this size and length of duration!! Thinking of all the poor young kids, not to mention all the water and vitamin bottles offered everyone!! Also, they did not have recycle bins and bottles and garbage were going into the same trash bins which were too few for the numbers and quickly overflowed. They were asking participants to help pick up the mess, but there was simply no where to put it! You would think the big American conglomerate putting the event on would know the logistics of it and know what is needed after holding so many races across the US and Canada!!
Would I do it again? Probably, but work harder on getting the relatives involved! I would love to have a theme team, as many did. There were two women running around in dragging wedding dresses, it was unreal to see them lol. Their whites soon turned into pinks lol!
Have a Super Sparking Sunday!
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