Water, Water Everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink".
An old wise tale? Yes, but kind of the truth today in parts of Northern CO. It's raining extremely hard again today as it has been for 4-5 days now. Many road closer's are again in effect. Our No. CO. Rivers, "The Big Thompson", "Cache La Poudre", "Platte" and the "St. Vrain" all are way above flood stage once again. Hundreds are still trapped and in need of rescue. We have 16 lg. Fema Helicopters ready to help rescue, but they can't fly due to low visibility.
We lost a very active member of our church.....She is presumed dead as she was last seen trying to break out her bedroom window as her house broke apart and was carried down the flooding river. Other cities and towns are in bad shape to, some cut off from the world with no way out or in due to damaged roads.
It's going to be a long, long time before N. CO is back to normal if it ever is. So many roads destroyed even washed completely away, bridges out, homes and businesses lost, lives changed forever.
Our city, Loveland, is again divided in half due to floodwaters spilling over all our east/west roads, many north/south roads are blacked as well. Our Daughter's family and one of our Grandsons & family are okay, but they are on the south side of the city. We are on the north. Another Grandson is also on the north side of our city, which is good as his wife is weeks away from having their 1st baby and the Hospital is on our side of the city. Our Phones and electric are working, but dimming periodically.
I feel so guilty as I sit in our home, safe and dry, watching TV, the flood coverage and a bit of football. It all seems so surreal. Road closer's everywhere, so as soon as we can get out we are hoping to volunteer anywhere we can.
One bit of good news is that starting sometime tomorrow it's predicted the rain will to be coming to an end and the sun will return. I pray the weathermen are right and the sun will soon shine and start to dry us out.

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