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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I can't fool around any more. It's not just going to happen TO me; I have to MAKE it happen.

a. I will keep external distractions at a minimum each day.
b. I will not engage in conversations about others that do not directly involve my mission.
c. I will listen to others carefully in conversation, but if they get too negative, I will change the subject or remove myself from the discussion.
d. I will not complain out loud or in my head.
e. I will not use TV or internet to fill in time that can be better spent on myself.
f. I will not overuse or abuse my social media and other favorite websites, instead allowing myself some time for fun.
g. I will not browse for clothing or other items online until I have lost more weight.
h. I will stay on track with the planned task until it is time to do something else.
i. If I become overly distracted with negative thoughts, I will stop what I am doing and meditate until quiet or write down solutions.

a. I will make myself a priority in as many situations as possible.
b. I will think of myself and how something will affect me before thinking, speaking, or doing.
c. I will follow my plan of action routinely in order to keep the focus on myself daily.
d. I will keep the near future in mind when making choices and decisions.
e. I will not skip the steps of my routine before moving on to the next part of my day. If this becomes an issue, I must revise my routine.
f. I will ask for help from anyone, anytime I need it and feel healthy doing so.
g. I will stay in the moment throughout the day and remember my ultimate goals.
h. I will reserve time and spend money doing things that solely benefit me, such as massages, haircuts, etc.

a. I will keep a master copy of my daily routine for revisions on each computer.
b. I will print out my itinerary the night before and refer to it often during the following day.
c. I will find and fix areas that need to be adjusted as I come across each situation.
d. I will look out ahead 1-2 weeks to be sure nothing will conflict with my routines and adjust as needed.
e. I will check off each step as I go along for the first 30 days until I have mastered the routine.
f. I will make a note on the routines of which items cannot be negotiated under any circumstance (such as taking medications, working, etc.)
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