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Out of Hiding - Briefly

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just felt like I should check in as I have received some amazing Sparkmail, Sparkgoodies and Sparkpage messages asking me what's up and where I have been.

I have definitely abandoned Sparkpeople for awhile and with that a few extra pounds have crept up and the fitness minutes decreased. Believe me I want to be here, I want to be active and I want to be eating properly but life has thrown a few challenges my way and I have taken them on.

The biggest challenge I have recently accepted is taking on the role of principal in an inner city school. This school is amazing, with teachers who put their heart and soul into difficult job. We have many immigrant families coming through our doors, unable to speak English and hoping we can provide their children with the tools they need for success. Along with these families, we have others who are very poor and beset by difficult life circumstances. Our school though small, provides breakfast and lunch programs for the kids, special English classes for the students as well as the parents, through community donations we provide clothing and furniture to the families that cannot afford these purchases. There is so much happening at this school, and in my role as principal, I oversee the programs as well as the learning of the students. This job has been crazy, busy, overwhelming, challenging, exciting and fun. I am loving it but it has a life of its own and my next challenge is trying to contain it and finding a way back to taking care of my health and fitness.

On the home front, there are struggles as my DW has been battling health issues that do not seem to want to go away. The medication she takes seems to create other problems, stomach pains, vision problems, headaches and more. But if she does not take them, the original health concern is only aggravated and the days get very difficult. Unfortunately my DW has found that her once close friends have fallen to the wayside and her burden seems too much too bear. I wish I could get her to join Sparkpeople as this is a community that always seems to care.

Somewhere in this picture I do have my two amazing daughters. They continue to bring joy to each and everyday but I know they are also challenged by my new job, my DW's health problems and their own school work and more. I am so thankful that they are doing well. Hey, my oldest has gone 64 days seizure-free and my youngest is doing well and happy at school.

Believe me, I do want to be here on Spark and seeing how all of you are doing, cheering you on. I am actually surprised that I am here today but I felt like I was missing something and had to peek in on all of you.

So many of you amaze me. You persist through difficult times and you find time to encourage and support the wayward Sparkpeople like myself. I appreciate the Sparkmail I have received, the Goodies that have come my way and the messages on my Sparkpage. I would like to respond to each and every one of them but haven't, believe me, it is not for lack of caring.

I am hoping to be back here more often and providing support to all of you but for the meantime it is going to be sporadic. I will pop in and out of hiding but briefly.

Until the next time, good luck on your adventure to better health and fitness,


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on the job. Happy to hear your daughters are doing well. Keeping your wife and all of you in my prayers.
    1654 days ago
    Do what you have to do. Yes, I agree SP is an amazing community and there are probably people here with similar problems who she could relate to. It certainly is a place where people try and get healthy and share the journey. I'm so pleased you have a job so satisfying, Don't get burned out. Here for the long run, Justyna
    1655 days ago
    Look at the outpouring of love and caring Andy. Is there anything we can do to help you bring your DW into the spark fold and family? Show her this outpouring and encourage her to join us. I have never experienced such absolutely non judgmental TLC as here...

    What a blessing YOU are to that school and community Andy! I have goose bumps and tears.

    God bless you! Sending hugs, love, and fairydust wishes. Congrats that your daughter has been seizure free for so much longer than ever before since this condition befell her.

    You came bearing joy. Thank you for finding time to share with us where your life path has taken you.

    Love you Andy! emoticon
    1666 days ago
    1666 days ago
    Andy, I guess while I was ignoring the "Friend Feed" for a while, I missed this! I realized a lot of what you were going through based on your comments on the team page, but this was a lot more detailed. You definitely have some challenges, but you will work through them. The inner city school sounds like it does take a lot of your time, but the kids will directly benefit from your efforts. Hopefully it will take less of your time as you get your programs going.

    Take care and good luck!
    1671 days ago
    Wow, so many comments in so short a time. You truly are loved and appreciated on this site.

    Sounds like you are facing quite the challenges. I trust that you find the balance you seek. Have your wife push her doctors to find something that helps. My doctor told me that balancing side effects of drugs is even more difficult than finding the right one(s) in the first place.

    I'm hanging in there.

    1677 days ago
    I need all the men that will participate, so try to make another hour show up in your day and give half of it to SP and you.
    1678 days ago
    So glad to read what you've been up to Andy. Bravo to you for taking on the challenge of the new position, and also to your dear family who support you.

    I sympathize with your DW and am sure that's been disheartening to her. Luckily she has such a good friend in you, her spouse.

    I too have recently watched as my core group of friends has dwindled and morphed to a new, less connected state. In the beginning it was hard to accept but now I believe that room is being made for other kinds of friends, more like minded and able to support through all of life's experiences.

    Hopefully your wife will consider your urging to join us here at SparkPeople. She will find many who are listening, and watching, and supporting even if in cyberspace.

    Carry on Andy and I'm sending, "two snaps up" your way--!
    1678 days ago
    emoticon Best wishes!!
    1678 days ago
    Goodness! Sounds like you have both hands full! It is so great of you to take on the school with such problems, sounds like it is very fulfilling also! Don;t stay away too long, just peek in on SP from time to time!
    1678 days ago
    You have a very special anointing for these difficult tasks you face. Continue to do your best and I pray that you and your family can find ways to bring glory to those areas in their life that are going well in hopes a healthier way of living become evident. Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1679 days ago
    Andy thank you for letting us know how you are. It sounds like you love your new job even though it is challenging. I am sorry to hear about your DW. Please remember to take care of yourself. We will be here waiting on you.
    1679 days ago
    1679 days ago
    Life. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

    We certainly do care about you and your DW. We'll be keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.
    1679 days ago
    1679 days ago
    Good luck on your new adventure.
    Hope your wife decides to get support here!
    Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon
    1680 days ago
    emoticon You plate is rather full take some time to handle life .We shall be here waiting to here in the mean time prayers to you and your family .
    1680 days ago
    I always knew you are with us in spirit,GOODLUCK with your new job!
    1680 days ago
    Hi Andy...
    Will keep the friends team going while you work on the current challenges!! Your plate sounds very full!! Try to make a point to eat healthy along the way and get out exercising with your DD's on the weekends. You could also go out an walk or jog with the PE classes or cross country team to get to know the kids at school or before or after school!! You can find a way to fit in healthy lifestyle choices...I believe in you!!!
    Smiles Barb
    1680 days ago
    Andy, We will see you when we see you. Take care of yourself and your family. Your love of your job shines through when you speak of it. Good luck. I know things are going the right direction and you'll be able to focus on yourself again real soon.

    1680 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2013 4:46:58 PM
    emoticon emoticon

    Great to hear from you. You have a lot going on. Your family and your job are huge commitments to so many. I wishing you all the best in all areas of your life. I hope some time soon you have time for yourself to rest and recharge.
    1680 days ago
    And I thought my plate was full!!! You have me beat hands down.

    emoticon on the new position! What a wonderful and challenging time your life must be right now. You never know what life will throw at you, but you are juggling things and will handle things as they come along. Wonderful news about your DD. Sixty-eight days is huge! Sounds like the new meds are working great.

    I have to agree with MSHEL7 - don't forget to take care of you! Your family is priority one, but you need to take care of you to be able to care for them. Try to find 15 minutes a day to give your mind a body time to say AHHHH. Those 15 minutes will recharge you in amazing ways.
    1680 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Wow! It sounds like your plate is full. Just don't neglect your health. Your job sounds like an incredible opportunity. How fulfilling. Sorry to hear your wife is not doing well. She would find great support here.
    1680 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    It does sound like you have your hands full! It is awesome that you are part of such a great school that is helping so many immigrants. Not an easy thing on either side. Best of luck with all of that.
    I am sending well wishes for your wife. I hope your medical issues can get cleared up and she can find some more supportive friends that are there thru thick and thin.
    Glad to hear your daughters are doing well.
    Best of luck with the school year as it progresses.
    Spark people are the best and will always be here no matter how busy you get!
    Take good care of yourself and your family!
    1680 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Andy, wonderful to hear from you. Your life is so busy, so full, no wonder you have disappeared for awhile. What an amazing job you have landed for yourself......not sure how you are enjoying the commute unless by inner city you don't mean Vancouver.
    I am so sorry to hear your wife is still struggling. It is so very hard to deal with these type of problems. Like the others have said, she would get so much support here. There is probably a team with her problems!!!! Just a thought.
    Good news about the kids!!!!!
    So thanks for stopping are missed but we will be here when you are ready!! Look after yourself!
    1680 days ago
    Sounds like your new job is an amazing challege. You are in a school where students are in need of so much more than an education. You do have your hands full!

    I am espcially happy to hear that your oldest daughter has been free of seizures for 2 months. On top of that the youngest is doing well in school, great news.

    Now if only your DW's health would improve. I do hope that her healthnturns around in the very near future.

    Get on that stationary bike, it will help with stress from work.

    Congrats on the new job!

    1680 days ago
    Andy I know life can throw those curve balls and sometimes they even hit hard. But, if you don't take care of yourself first, how can you take care of others? You could always have fruit and vegetables handy for quick energy when needed (snap peas are great) instead of poor choices of "it was convenient".
    1680 days ago
    We'll keep the light on.
    1680 days ago
    Awwww, Andy, sounds like you've got a lot going on. Your doing amazing things with your school! Making a difference. It's a good feeling. But I can understand why you wouldn't have time for spark. Sorry to hear your wife is not well. Your right, spark might help her. People are so supportive on here. It's a positive place to be. Especially since her fair weather friends don't seem to be there for her. Going on spark may also take her mind of her pain. I know when I'm on here I lose all track of time. There's a lot to explore on here. Well good luck to you both. Hope to see you both on here again soon.

    ps. I was looking to give an apple for the teacher, but there aren't any on here! So here's a tomato instead.
    1680 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Hey there, so glad to hear from you. Sounds like some crazy busy times. Sorry about your wife, I guess I did not know that she was sick. I hope she finds something that helps soon. As far as Sparking, we all have to take time away sometimes, but just don't forget to take care of yourself along the way. You can do this and must for you and your family. Writing this blog is proof that you are strong and will persevere. Have a great day.
    1680 days ago
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